Nyas, an aquarium plant is depicted in this photo. Najas can be seen in this image.

Nyas (Najas): A Great Plant For Beginners, But With One Minus!

Najas in the aquarium. Once, by chance with other plants, a small sprout of an unknown plant got into the aquarium. After a very ...
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Vallisneria, the plant for the aquarium is shown in this photo. Vallisneria can be seen in this image.

Wallisneria (Vallisneria): Great Plant For Background! (My experience)

Vallisneria - unpretentious beauty in the aquarium! As I wrote earlier, I do not consider myself a fan of "complex" plants. Those ...
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Pistia stratiotes can be seen in this image. Pistia is depicted in this photograph.

Pistia (Pistia Stratiotes): Enemy for Nature and Friend for the Aquarium! Find out why!

Who is Pistia? Pistia (Pistia Strateotes) - a beautiful aquatic plant floating on the surface. Due to the shape and structure of its leaves ...
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Hornwort (ceraptophyllum) for aquarium can be seen in this image. Hornwort is depicted in this picture.

Hornwort (Ceratophyllum): An indispensable helper in the aquarium! + My Tricks!

Why hornwort? Hornwort (Ceratophyllum) is so universal a plant for any aquarium that it can easily be awarded the first place among all aquarium ...
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