The thornsia glo is depicted in this image. Tetra Glo can be seen in this image.

Ternetia Glo (Gymnocorymbus Ternetzi): First Meet! + Video!

Ternetia Glo (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi). Ternetia Glo (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi). Following the colored luminous Danio Rerio (which I already wrote about ...
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Loricaria Rio Atabapo is shown in this picture. Loricaria Rio Atabapo can be seen in this image.

Loricaria Rio Atabapo (Loricaria Rio Atabapo) or “Crying Whiptail”. Content!

Loricaria Rio Atabapo (Loricaria Rio Atabapo) or the subtleties of translation. Recently, new interesting representatives of the family appeared in our collection of aquarium fish ...
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Gurami Pearl (Trichopodus leerii) in the aquarium, shown in this photo. Rec gourami can bew seen in this image.

Gurami Pearl (Trichopodus leerii): The “Red Book” in your Aquarium!

Gourami pearl. The paradox is hardy, unpretentious and prolific fish at risk! Gourami pearl. Gurami Pearl (Trichopodus leerii, orTrichogaster leerii earlier) - bright ...
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Laricaria red is depicted in this photo. Loricaria red can be seen in this image.

Loricaria Red (Rineloricaria Sp. ”Red”) In Aquarium: First Acquaintance!

Loricaria red - dreams come true! Loricaria is red. Once upon a time, when there was still no Internet, but there were only rare books on aquarium, ...
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