Tubing (Tubifex tubifex): Freeze Dryer is shown in the picture!

Tubing (Tubifex tubifex): Freeze Drying and How to “Drown” Dry Food!

Tubing (Tubifex tubifex) General information. Tubing (Tubifex tubifex), along with a bloodworm, is a very popular and useful food for aquarium fish. Is he ...
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Antcistrus Ancistrus in the aquarium and the choice of food presented in this picture.

Antsistrus (Ancistrus) and Other Soma. Power Features. Feed Overview!

Antsistrus (Ancistrus) and others. How to Feed Right. Usually, when buying the first aquarium, a newcomer to the store is offered as an addition to start ...
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Dennerle Shrimp Atyopsis with macro view can be seen in this image. Dennerle Shrimp Atyopsis presented in this picture.

Dennerle Shrimp king Atyopsis (Shrimp Food): Feed Right!

Food for shrimp filtrators. Why Dennerle Shrimp king Atyopsis? Recently, in one of our aquariums new interesting tenants appeared - ...
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Hikari, fish food is visible in this image.

Hikari Food (Japan) for Pisces: Analyzing the Composition! + Video Feeding!

Hikari Micro wafers. The composition of the feed on the Internet. Hikari Micro wafers. I do not care how to feed my pets, be it a dog, ...
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