Biotope aquarium "Amazonium"is presented in this image. Biotop aquarium can be seen in this photo.

South America River Biotope at Home Aquarium.

Biotope. What is it? If you use the official wording, the word "biotope" comes from the Greek phrase, in which βίος means life as well τόπος - ...
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Cristobalite (cristobalite) in the aquarium is shown in this photo.

Cristobalite (Cristobalite) in aquarium! Overview! Soma Delighted!

Cristobalite (cristobalite) in aquarium! Continuing to launch an aquarium for loricaria and corridors and trying to do something similar to the biotope of the South ...
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Shrimp filters in the aquarium are shown in this photo. Fan shrimp can be seen in this image.

Shrimp Filters (Atyopsis moluccensis): How to properly design an aquarium! + Video!

Filter Shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis) Features of behavior! Shrimp Filters (Atyopsis moluccensis) behave in an aquarium quite differently than other species. The main difference ...
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Black gravel with macro filming can be seen on this picture. Black ground for the aquarium with a macro shot can be seen in this picture.

Soil for the Aquarium (Black). Personal experience. Which to choose!

Why do I choose black or dark soil for the aquarium? Black or dark soil for the aquarium. Zolux / Natural Color When ...
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