Aquarium flute and internal filter Aquael Turbo 500 are shown in this image.

Aquarium Flute for Filter! Installation, Review and Work Pros!

Flute in the aquarium! How is she good? When they gave me the first aquarium Juwel Vision 180, I was in seventh heaven with happiness. The only thing, ...
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Seachem Matrix For the Filter: 170 Times More Effective! (Pumice or not?) Is visible in the photo.

Seachem Matrix For the Filter: 170 Times More Effective! (Pumice or not?)

Seachem Matrix. Why did I choose him? Seachem Matrix. Some time ago, we had new tenants in the aquarium, and ...
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Cover for Aquarium with Light Aquael visible in the picture.

Cover for Aquarium with Light Aquael Do it yourself! (2 options.)

Cover for the aquarium. Background. Once an aquarium was bought on 112 liters from a Polish company Wromak. Original cover not included ...
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Water Change in the Aquarium is visible in the photo!

Substitution of Water in the Aquarium! (Just like a cup of coffee!) Find out How!

Water change in the aquarium! No more buckets and basins! They say that the most inventive people are lazy people. They always ...
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Shrimp filters in the aquarium are shown in this photo. Fan shrimp can be seen in this image.

Shrimp Filters (Atyopsis moluccensis): How to properly design an aquarium! + Video!

Filter Shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis) Features of behavior! Shrimp Filters (Atyopsis moluccensis) behave in an aquarium quite differently than other species. The main difference ...
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The aquarium heater is depicted in this image. Heater for aquarium can be seen in this image.

Aquarium Heater: Views, Overview, Comparison! (Winter Is Coming!)

Heater for an aquarium. Just recently, groups on social networks and aquarium forums were inundated with posts such as: "Help, the water in the aquarium ...
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The TDS Aquarium Water Test is shown in this image. TDS aquarium water test can be seen in this image.

TDS In Aquarium: Review (2019), Test and Shock from Prices in Stores!

TDS in aquarium. What is it? Once, when exchanging fish, one of my acquaintances, an aquarist, said that he did not transfer fish to another ...
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