Aquael Plant Leddy Tube can be seen in this image.

Aquael Plant Leddy Tube: Comparison with Sunny Led. + Photo!

Why Aquael Plant? To begin with, I’ll immediately explain that I have no direct relationship with the company Aquael (neither financial nor ...
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Airlift filter in the aquarium. Water movement is shown in this snapshot.

New Generation Airlift Filter (For Aquarium): Review and Test!

Airlift filter. What is it? Maybe this name of the filter will seem unfamiliar to some, especially beginners. But what does an ordinary airlift filter look like, ...
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Miniboost 100 compressor Aquael Presented in this image.

Miniboost 100 Aquarium Compressor: Comparison with Shego и Aquanew

Miniboost 100 Compressor. Description. Some time ago, the smallest air compressor in the range was purchased. Aquael. Then it took a couple to drop ...
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The pH in the aquarium is shown in this image.

Aquarium pH: Testing Tests (2020)! Personal experience!

pH in the aquarium. What is it? pH in the aquarium. Testing the tests. The pH in the aquarium is one of several, invisible, but very ...
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Aerlift smfon presented in this picture.

Siphon Airlift For Ground In Aquarium! Review + Video!

Siphon airlift. Principle of operation. Recently I made a post in which I described a very convenient siphon for cleaning the soil with adjustable suction power ...
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Soil siphon with adjustable valve is shown in this picture.

Siphon For Ground in Aquarium Adjustable)! Review + Video!

Siphon for soil. Why is it needed in the aquarium? After some time after starting up the aquarium, you may notice an unpleasant ...
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The container for fish, plastic, food, designations (marking) are presented in this picture. Container food plastic for aquarium fish with marks can be seen in this image.

Fish container: Which one to choose? Marking!

Container for fish. Why is it needed in aquarium? It often happens that in the presence of an aquarium at home, an emergency can occur ...
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