Algae in the aquarium before and after processing are shown in this photo.

Algae in the aquarium? How to win? Personal experience (+ Photos)!

Algae in the aquarium. Reasons for appearance: Some time ago, we changed the lighting in our aquarium to LED Aquael Retro fit. LED lightening ...
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CO2 the reactor in the aquarium is shown in this image for the site amazonium. Net CO2 reactor can be seen on this image for amazonium. Net

CO2 Reactor and Diffuser in the Aquarium. How to choose?

C02 diffuser in the aquarium. More recently, I talked on that you purchased and installed the system "CO2 generator in the aquarium ", which ...
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CO2 generator in the aquarium for is shown in this image.

CO2 Aquarium Generator: Launch! With Photos and Videos!

CO2 generator in the aquarium. Description. When I started doing aquarium work, the plants for me were always in second place after ...
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Spray aquarium presented in this picture!

Aquarium Sprayer with Nano Bubbles: Overview and Comparison! (Photo + Video)!

Aquarium air spray. As for me, for some reason I can’t perceive the usual air diffusers in the aquarium. They remind me of boiling ...
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