Ichthyophthyriosis in fish is presented in this picture.

Ichthyophthyroidism (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis): My mistakes! Treatment Costapur'ohm.

Ichthyophthyroidism (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) Until that moment, I was lucky and I never brought ichthyophthyroidism into our aquariums. Although ichthyophthyroidism ...
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Blooming water in the aquarium is shown in this picture. Green water in the aquarium can be seen in this image.

Blooming (Green Water) in the Aquarium: Quick Problem Solving!

Flowering (green water) in the aquarium. Sometimes, especially after starting the aquarium, a problem like blooming water will fall on us. Water is getting ...
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Catappa leaf and hands can be seen in this image. Almond leaf and female hands are shown in this image.

Catappa: Almond Tree Leaves For Aquarium! (Application Secrets)!

Indian Almond Leaves (Catappa) in aquarium! Secrets of Asian Fish Breeders! Recently, on one of the aquarium forums, I saw information about ...
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Fist aid for aquarium logo can be see in this image. Aquarium first aid equipment is shown in this image.

First Aid Tools! Aquarium Kit. My experience!

Means of first aid in the aquarium. What is it and what are they for? As is usually the case with animals, be they dogs, ...
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