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CO2 Reactor and Diffuser in the Aquarium. How to choose?

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More recently, I talked on amazonium.netthat you purchased and installed the system “CO2 generator in the aquarium“, Which is assembled from two plastic bottles, works with citric acid and soda, and was purchased at Aliexpress. 

As an addition to it, I bought a carbon dioxide diffuser for dissolution CO2 in water.

C02 diffuser.

CO2 the diffuser adheres to the glass, connects to the system, and by the principle of operation resembles a conventional air atomizer in an aquarium. (Carbon dioxide is supplied through a hose inside, and, passing through a ceramic plate, breaks into many microscopic bubbles. 

But, after reading the forums, and making sure from my own experience, I realized that such a diffuser is not very suitable for bottle systems. And designed more for systems CO2 with cylinders where the pressure is greater and more even. Yes, and the pores in the ceramic plate of the diffuser clog very quickly, and the quality of dissolution of carbon dioxide is significantly impaired.

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Therefore, it was decided to buy CO2 reactor.

CO2 reactor in the aquarium.

Unfortunately find cheap CO2 reactor on Aliexpress failed (I don’t know why the Chinese have not yet copied such a simple thing). I began to consider branded options from well-known manufacturers. The most popular and common reactor is the reactor. JBL ProFlora Taifun in its various modifications. The principle of operation in reactors is that a bubble of carbon dioxide gradually rises through plastic tunnels and, moving to the surface, dissolves almost completely. And an undeniable advantage CO2 reactors is that they generally have no pressure resistance and are ideal for bottle type generators. 

But, having studied the reviews about JBL ProFlora Taifun, I realized that he has a couple of flaws that I did not like. Firstly, it is round, and therefore quite noticeable in the aquarium. Secondly, as they say on the forums, in the basic, cheapest configuration, it has only one mount in the kit, and installing it perfectly vertically is quite problematic. And the cost of a more advanced version is quite expensive. Therefore, I began to search the Internet for an alternative. And found it.

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CO2 reactor NUTRAFIN.

CO2 reactor NUTRAFIN.

CO2 reactor NUTRAFIN- reactor CO2 manufactured by the Canadian company Hagen and due to the fact that it requires minimal pressure to operate, it is ideal for bottle-type fermentation systems.

Completed Nutrafin in the form of a flat ladder and has 3 suction cups in the package. Therefore, there is no problem with an accurate vertical installation in the aquarium. And due to the fact that the reactor has a flat shape, you can make it almost invisible in the aquarium. The principle of operation of the reactor is such that a bubble of carbon dioxide rises to the surface of the water along a ladder and thereby dissolves! Here is a short video to understand his work. Well, for gas bubbles, as well as for fish, you can watch forever! 🙂

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CO2 reactor NUTRAFIN. Video.

Specially for video feed CO2 has been increased. In fact, using such a device in an aquarium, you can achieve significant savings in carbon dioxide! And I control her with a permanent test JBL, which I will discuss in the next article!

CO2 Reactor and Diffuser in the Aquarium. How to choose?
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CO2 Reactor and Diffuser in the Aquarium. How to choose?
CO2 Reactor and Diffuser in the Aquarium. How to choose the right one for the generator CO2based on citric acid and soda.
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