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CO2 Aquarium Generator: Launch! With Photos and Videos!

When I started doing aquarium work, the plants for me were always in second place after the fish. And then I thought that I would not complicate my life by installing a feed system CO2 into the aquarium. Moreover, ready-made solutions using a balloon were quite expensive. And using unpretentious plants, you can also achieve good results. (in the photo our aquarium without CO2).

Aquarium plants can be seen in this image. Aquarium plants without using CO2 presented in this picture.
Our Aquarium!

But then I changed the lighting of the aquarium to LED. And not just changed, but also added a couple of additional fixtures.

Aquael Plant. Comparison + photo. Read more..

And after that, the plants clearly ceased to have enough food in the aquarium, the balance went off and the algae appeared. Which, as is well known in the diet less demanding.

I tried to use the so-called liquid CO2 in the bottles.  

Yes, it got better, but this method has many disadvantages. First, the product is not cheap. And secondly, you need to remember to add it to the aquarium every day, which is not always convenient due to the work schedule. 

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But then a friend of mine, an aquarist, said that he was using  CO2 generator in the aquarium, bought at Aliexpress

It is worth CO2 a generator, relative to balloon systems, is not at all expensive. Works with citric acid and soda. The system consists of plastic bottles, therefore, those who are afraid to keep a cylinder with CO2 under pressure, the solution is just perfect!

CO2 the generator in the aquarium is shown in this image.
SO2 Generator in aquarium. Run

SO2 Generator in aquarium. Run

I bought CO2 generator, as I said, on Aliexpress, here at this link.

Well, a glass diffuser CO2presented in the video below is also on Aliexpress by this one link.

CO2 generator in the aquarium, kit for amazonium.net is shown in the photo.
CO2 Generator / Lemon Kmslota / Soda.

At first, when you unpack the kit, everything seems incomprehensible. But looking video seller, everything immediately falls into place!

So, based on the instructions, it follows that we need two plastic bottles, citric acid and soda. And there are a couple of nuances that you should pay attention to. I was wrong from the first time.

  • Bottles need to be bought from under COCA COLAThey are made of thicker plastic and do not allow gas from under the covers. I bought from under Pepsi and failed to start the first time. The lid did not hold, and the plastic itself in the bottles is very thin. The right decision was again suggested by a friend Alexey. He advised to take two-liter bottles, but I thought that I would not drink so much and they definitely would not fit into my cupboard.
  • The second important point that also told Lesha that citric acid for CO2 Reactors cannot be bought at a regular supermarket. It comes out very expensive. You need to take it either in wholesale stores or at the bases. If you live in Latvia, you can buy in large bundles online PROMO CASH. Well, I think there will be no problems with soda.
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CO2 generator in an aquarium. Startup process.

Weigh citric acid.
  • We drink cola.
  • In one bottle (it is possible to sign) we pour 200 grams of citric acid, pour 600 ml of water, close with a cork and shake to dissolve.
  • Pour 200 gram of soda into the second bottle and pour 200 ml (not 600) of water and shake it.
  • We lower the generator tubes into bottles and twist already on the generator itself. On  CO2 generator there are inscriptions: Acid (acid) and Soda. It's hard to mix up. We twist everything tightly.
  • Slightly unscrew the side valve on the side (iron wheel) and press down on the bottle with acid so that the liquid gets into another bottle.
  • The magic begins (reaction) and the bottles become strong. 
  • Next, unpack the bubble counter.
Bubble Counter CO2.
  • And on 80% we fill it with water.
  • If you ordered a solenoid valve, then screw it first, then the bubble counter.
  • Dress up the tube with a diffuser and drop it into the aquarium.
  • To automatically turn the system on and off, use the time timer.


The next step will be to learn how to correctly count the bubbles, calculate the light and fertilizers.

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 But this will be in the next part, since for this I need to get more detailed advice from a famous Latvian breeder of exclusive shrimp species and a plant specialist Maris. By the way, regarding shrimp and everything related to them, you can find out from him on Facebookjust by clicking on the banner.

Well, as always, I edited a small video for clarity. In the video, not a single frog was harmed (She is not dead, just meditating 🙂 

CO2 generator in the aquarium.

Launch on Video!

CO2 Aquarium Generator: Launch! With Photos and Videos!
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CO2 Aquarium Generator: Launch! With Photos and Videos!
CO2 generator in the aquarium. Launch. From this post you will learn where to buy and how to install a cheap option in your aquarium CO2. Without expensive equipment and hazardous pressure tanks!
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