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Cancer Dwarfish Mexican Orange (Cambarellus patzcuarensis): Overview!

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For all the time I studied aquarism, I could not understand and love ordinary shrimp. (By ordinary, I mean shrimp of ordinary, small size, not price, breed, or color).

And over time, I seem to understand why. 

First of all, all the shrimps are too small for me. 

And secondly, from the point of view of observation, they are pretty boring. Perhaps they have a stormy life in their micro world, but in an aquarium it seems that they just sit, eat and sometimes swim. And all this still needs to try to see.

Therefore, at first we got ourselves fan shrimps (Atyopsis moluccensis). They are much bigger and more interesting in behavior.

Mexican dwarf crayfish! (Cambarellus patzcuarensis) .Description.

Cancer Dwarfish Mexican Orange (Cambarellus patzcuarensis): There is a review in the photo!
Mexican dwarf crayfish! (Cambarellus patzcuarensis) .Description.

Not only is this species painted in bright orange color, and it looks much brighter than many shrimp breeds, it is also very interesting in its behavior. Not hiding, very often in sight, not afraid of a person and very active. 

And if, at the word crayfish, you get images of crayfish, the size of a palm, then in this case, it is not. No wonder this crayfish was called a dwarf.

He is just a little more shrimp, but just so that it would not be necessary to strain his eyes, watching his behavior. The size of adult males reach 4 centimeters, females maximally 6.

Mexican dwarf cancer depicted here.
Mexican dwarf cancer! (Cambarellus patzcuarensis) in aquarium!

Moreover, this type of crayfish is peaceful enough, and most importantly, unlike other crustaceans, it does not spoil the plants in the aquarium at all!

Quite calmly can be contained in the general aquarium. The main thing is that the fish were not very large, peaceful and preferably occupied the middle and upper layers in the aquarium.

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Yes, this crayfish can hunt fish fry, but I think they are hunted by almost everyone, including parents. 

From my experience I will also say that you should not keep Mexican crayfish with fan shrimps. Between them there can be fights, and very cruel ones. In our case, one of them ended with the death of cancer. Although the other, small shrimp orange crab is completely indifferent.

As for the water parameters, this type is absolutely unpretentious. And even more unpretentious in nutrition. They eat almost everything they find in an aquarium. You can feed any kind of dry and frozen feed. (We are very fond of sliced ​​frozen shrimp and mussels from the store). And if there is not enough nutrition, they will calmly switch to vegetable food and will search for dead pieces of plants. At the same time, as mentioned above, completely ignoring the living.

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And yet, remember, like other species, dwarf Mexican crayfish periodically sheds, while at the same time remaining completely defenseless. Therefore, in the aquarium with crayfishes are required shelters!

And so, get such crayfish boldly! Give you a lot of joy and positive moments in watching them!

Video with our crayfish:

Cancer Dwarfish Mexican Orange (Cambarellus patzcuarensis): Overview!
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