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Dwarf frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri): Cancer Attack (Video)!

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To accurately present a picture of what is happening, for a start, a brief description of the main character.

Dwarf frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri) - Hypernuchus Bettger, peaceful miniature frog, known for its comical behavior! (At one of the forums, someone called this frog a “meditating scuba diver.” So, this name describes the frog's behavior with 100% accuracy. And if you get yourself these cute creatures, you can be sure!

Dwarf frog Hymenochirus boettgeri presented in this picture.
Dwarf frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri)

Dwarf frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri) - comes from equatorial countries Africa: Zaire, Congo, Cameroon and Nigeria. It prefers to settle in shallow warm silted reservoirs and slowly flowing rivers. It land on land extremely rarely and can spend its entire life under water without experiencing any discomfort. Therefore, this species of frogs is so fond of aquarists and is the most popular frog species found in aquariums around the world.

Well, even these frogs are desirable because of their size, which sometimes does not exceed one inch (2,5 centimeter). And for the content of a couple of frogs and 3-10 liters will be enough.

The dwarf frog is not a capricious creature and even the beginning aquarist can create ideal conditions for it. Almost any standard conditions found in aquariums will do. (24-27 ° C, pH 6.5-7.8). But still there are a few points that need attention:

  • Soil should be of middle fraction. Too small can be swallowed with food, and in large stones frogs can get stuck in the legs. (Although here, frogs lived on fine sand for more than two months without any consequences).
  • In the aquarium should be shelter, but not necessarily sharp edges. Frogs have very delicate skin, it is easy to damage. Because of this, they are not even recommended to take them with your hands!
  • For the same reason, chemical preparations cannot be used in an aquarium.
  • Aeration is not necessary, but it is necessary to ensure that frogs have access to the open surface of the water for breathing.
  • The frog easily gets on with small peace kinds of fishes. Large can count frogs as food.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the frogs get their food, because, because of their slowness, they can compete with fish.

Dwarf frog - nutrition features!

Dwarf frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri) Is an omnivorous creature and feeding it is quite simple. There will be everything from shrimp feed (on video), pills for catfish, bloodworms, sliced ​​mussels and shrimp, and ending with dead Mexican cancer (on video).

Frogs are prone to overeating and obesity, so you need to feed them once a day in 2-3, giving food in small pieces, because the frogs have no teeth.

Frog dwarf and Mexican cancer - thriller on video!

Mexican Cancer

So, a little background. All its participants are considered to be quite peaceful guys and lived for a long time quite amicably. But nature is nature, and there's nothing to be done.

In a separate aquarium on 54 liters, simple shrimps, filter shrimps, Mexican crayfish, snails and dwarf frogs lived. (I removed the fish from there, otherwise the other inhabitants never had time to get the food).

Frogs tried to hunt small shrimps, crayfish tried to grab frogs by their paws and so on.

I don’t know that the Mexican crayfish and shrimps of the filter feeders didn’t share, but fights were noticed a couple of times, and quite cruel ones. (By the way, at one time the filter feeders tried to drive even small Ropefishes (Erpetoichthys calabaricus) in the aquarium).

In general, in one of the fights, the Mexican crayfish lost. Found him without a claw, a pair of legs, but still alive. I wanted to separate the crayfish, but he died in my arms, literally.

I decided to leave the body in the aquarium, since the crayfish are almost entirely made up of protein, and those who want to eat, in the aquarium, more than enough.

But the frogs were very interested in the body of the crayfish, the camera was next to it, and it turned out a good video from the life of the underwater micro world!

Dwarf frog trying to eat the dead mexican crayfish. Video!

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