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Siphon Electric For Aquarium (SunSun): Browse c Video!

I do not know why, but I just have some kind of a search for the perfect cleaner for the soil in the aquarium. As a result, already accumulated a decent collection of these devices. The only thing missing was completely electric. And just recently got one.

Gravel cleaner electric for aquarium can be seen in this image. An electric soil cleaner is shown in this image.
Siphon for Aquarium Electric.

I bought Chinese, which is an improved analogue of the gravel from Eheim. But if the Eheim running on charge then SunSun There is a model both charged and powered by the network. I ordered a version for the outlet.

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This electric gravel cleaner consumes just 6w, and in an hour 350 liters can flow through it.

Electric aquarium siphon is presented in this picture.
Siphon Electric in Action.

Siphon Electric For Aquarium. Pros.

So what are the advantages of such a device compared to conventional vacuum cleaners?

And this electric cleaner has several advantages.

Firstly, this cleaner works on the network, so you do not need to drain the water. Turned on the outlet, pressed the button and the process went.

Secondly, such a gravel cleaner has an internal filter and you can clean the bottom without draining the water. So it is not necessary to wait for the day of water change. (Very convenient, for example, if you need to collect uneaten remnants of food).

Electric siphon is presented in this photo.

Thirdly. A hose is easily connected to such a siphon, then you can siphon and drain immediately either into a bucket or into the sewer. And thanks to this same function, you cease to be dependent on the level at which your aquariums stand, and you can use the siphon as a pump to drain the water. (I saw some aquarists have aquariums on the floor. And for sure, such a device is the only way out when changing the water in them).

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Electric gravel cleaner. Minuses.

The only disadvantage of this electric gravel cleaner is its size. It is a bit too big and not suitable for small, and perhaps even for medium-sized aquariums. But at the same time, the nozzles are collapsible and can be left, even though a thin tube at the end. And the filter is easily removable, collapsible and therefore easy to clean.

Aquarium siphon cleaning process.

Electric Gravel Cleaner. Work process. Video.

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  1. Elaynia mcnurlin says:

    I bought the electric sun sun. The hose is a piece of worthless shit. It is so thin and flexible it just folds the whole length so water cannot go thru. I saw a picture above of the same siphon and it has a very firm hose that would work great. I bought a plain siphon years ago for 1.99 and it worked great for 15 years then the piece of plastic the hose hooked onto broke. I sure wish they still made them. Elaynia

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