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Aquael Plant Leddy Tube: Comparison with Sunny Led. + Photo!

To begin with, I will immediately explain that I have no direct relation to the company. Aquael (Neither financial nor advertising, and everything is bought for your money). But thanks to the excellent quality and reasonable prices, a rather large collection of their products has accumulated. And if you take the lighting, then more than 90% of the aquariums are illuminated Aquael Led fixtures. And all of them are marked Sunny (Spectrum of sunlight).

But then I decided to improve the life of plants in one of the aquariums, and as an addition I bought one lamp Aquael Plant a series Leddy tube.

Aquael Plant Leddy Tube can be seen in this image.
Aquael Plant Leddy tube.

I just adore this series for their versatility. Fixtures Leddy tube have a water protection index IP68, which allows you to use them anywhere, even under water. And with them it is very convenient to make homemade lids for aquariums. You just need to put on suction cups, the required diameter.

Aquel plant Leddy Tube Differences from other lamps.

Even from the name it is clear that Aquel Plant, unlike Sunny, is designed specifically for plant growth. And for this it was necessary to slightly change the spectrum of the glow. Therefore, a second row of diodes was added to the lamp (see the first photo).

Now the spectrum has changed and the light has turned purple-red.

Aquael Sunny Leddy tube

Aquael Plant Leddy tube

  • 6w power
  • Lumens xnumx
  • Color Temperature (K) 6500
  • 6w power
  • Lumens 400
  • Color temperature (K) 8000

But since the Plant lamp will not be used as the main one, it will not be too noticeable in its general form. And whether the plants like it, time will tell :)

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A bit of humor:

Aquael Leddy Tube can be used even in places not intended for this. So we used them when our lamp in the bathroom burned out, but we did not send the ordered new one yet.

Aquael Tube in the bathroom.
Aquael Plant Leddy Tube: Comparison with Sunny Led. + Photo!
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Aquael Plant Leddy Tube: Comparison with Sunny Led. + Photo!
Aquael Plant Leddy Tube: Description, installation and comparison with other fixtures in the aquarium.
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