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Crabs (Geosarma) in the Paludarium: First Acquaintance!

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Some time ago I met an amazing person who, although he belongs to the aquarist community, is at the same time different from them.

It differs in that it contains not only fish and shrimps, but also amazing creatures - freshwater crabs. Moreover, the place of residence for them (palyudarium) is completely manufactured by own hands. At the same time, it does this at the highest level (no wires or equipment are visible). The whole manufacturing process can be seen on the video, and at the bottom of the post there will be contacts of the owner of the crabs and, if necessary, you can ask questions that interest you!

Rhd, s in the paludarium are shown in this image. Crab Geosarma can be seen in this image.
Crabs (Geosarma) in the Paludarium.

From myself I will add that I have seen such crabs live only a few times in my life, therefore I don’t know the rules of keeping, and even less breeding.

All photos and videos are posted with the personal permission of the owner!

Crabs in Paludarium. Short review.

Before you talk about crabs, you need to figure out what paludarium and how is it different from aquarium и terrarium.

Aquarium (aqua-water)Clearly, the tank is completely filled with water.

Terrarium (terra-land), the capacity in which the base is the earth. Water may be partially present, and may be absent altogether.

Paludarium (palusbog) - It looks like a terrarium, but there must be a marshland in it.

Crabs: Purple Vampire Crab Geosarma Dennerle, red crab- devil Geosarma Hagen.

Crabs in the paludarium are represented in this picture.
purple vampire crab Geosarma Dennerle, red crab- devil Geosarma Hagen.

Geosarma crab is a genus of small (usually 2,5cm-3cm) freshwater crabs.

Homeland of such crabs is Southeast Asia, India, Solomon Islands и Hawaii.

Lifespan: 2-3 of the year.

Behavior: peace loving.

Food: mainly vegetable.

Content: simple.

Breeding: simple.

Crabs in Paludarium. Video!

Next, watch the video, which presents the production of palyudarium with their own hands (very high quality), feeding crabs, content, as well as fights!

If you have any questions, ask the owner of the crab on Facebook.

Contact: Alik Ten

Thank you very much for the materials provided !!!!

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