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Miniboost 100 Aquarium Compressor: Comparison with Shego и Aquanew

Some time ago, the smallest air compressor in the range was purchased. Aquael.

It took a couple of fish to be planted in a small aquarium, remembered him and decided to test. But first, a little information on the package.

Miniboost 100 Compressor. Description.

So, the first thing that catches your eye is a blue sticker that says “Quiet / Durable”. And that means that Miniboost 100 compressor must be quiet and reliable. Reliability may be true, but you can argue about silence. But more on that later.

Also on the package, we see that this model consumes only 1.8 watts, performance is 100 liters per hour, there is a power regulator and it is suitable for aquariums up to 100 liters. The compressor is suitable for both marine and freshwater aquariums, made in Poland and has a 2 year warranty. The price starts from 6 €.

As for the appearance and size, the compressor is really miniature, and judging by the photo, a little more than a matchbox. Below are thin and soft rubber feet, which are designed to dampen vibration and reduce noise.

By the principle of operation, the Miniboost 100 compressor is a one-piece membrane pump.

Miniboost 100 aquaelpresented in this photo.

Miniboost 100 compressor against AquaNova and Shego. Comparative audio-video test.

What is the most important parameter the compressor should have for us to like it? Size, performance, design?

As for me, it is the volume of his work. After all, sleeping in an apartment where the compressor works as an airplane turbine is not so pleasant, and sometimes it is simply impossible. And if there are several?

But since all people have different ears and it is difficult to describe in words how loudly a particular compressor works, and on the packaging of almost all models it is written that they are “quiet”, “very quiet” or “silent”, it is easier to demonstrate the volume of work on video.

For comparison were selected: one model of Chinese production with similar sizes and parameters AquaNova NA-100. True, without power adjustment.

And the second model of German production Shego Optimal, with adjustable power and designed for the size of the aquarium from 100 to 400 liters.

To measure the volume, the program “Sound meter” for a smartphone was used.

The test took place at home, at minimum power, otherwise the noise of the bubbles starts to interfere (Except Aqua Nova, which has no adjustments).

The quality of measurements is certainly not laboratory, but we needed to understand the volume of work Miniboost The 100 compressor is exactly in comparison. And since all the models were in exactly the same conditions, that test turned out to be quite objective, in my opinion.

Miniboost 100 Aquael, Aqua Nova NA-100, Shego Optimal. Video Audio Test.

Miniboost 100 compressor. Conclusion

Despite its miniature and European origin, buzzing Miniboost 100 is not worse than Chinese. And at full power it’s also much louder. And because of his small size and weight, he moves on the surface and tries to jump to the floor. And this threatens to disconnect the hose and leakage of water from the aquarium.

Therefore, always use safety check valves. They cost quite a bit, but they can save from big trouble. (This advice applies not only to this model, but in general to all compressors).

Ps In general, as of today, membrane compressors are not considered to be noiseless, but piezo compressors. But I have not used it yet, so I can not argue.

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Miniboost 100 compressor. Miniature but noisy!
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Miniboost 100 compressor. Miniature but noisy!
AquaEL Miniboost 100. Comparison with SHEGO OPTIMAL и AQUANOVA NA-100. Audio-video test.
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