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Aquarium pH: Testing Tests (2020)! Personal experience!

The pH in the aquarium is shown in this image.
pH in the aquarium. Let's test the tests.

The pH in an aquarium is one of several invisible, but very important water parameters. He is responsible for what your water is acidic, alkaline or neutral. Different types of fish in the wild are accustomed to live in different waters. And if you want to do everything right in your aquarium, this parameter must also be considered when selecting and compatibility of fish.

In more detail about the pH itself, as well as how it can be changed in one direction or another, I have already made a post.

Today I’ll just show you visually how to determine with the help of tests in a few minutes what water you have at the moment. I would particularly like to draw attention to the phrase “at the moment,” since the pH value in the aquarium is not constant. It depends on many factors and can fluctuate during the day.

The most dangerous thing for fish is a dramatic change of pH on 2 or more in a few minutes. This is likely to lead to irreversible processes in the gills of fish and their gradual destruction. From this, the fish are likely to die. And not immediately, but after a few weeks. And then you will guess which disease your pets died from. Therefore, when buying, relocating fish, as well as changing water, we follow the basic rules, and periodically check the water parameters with the help of tests.

pH in the aquarium. JBL test.

Almost every manufacturer of aquarium products, the collection has a pH test. JBL even has a few. There is a common, and there are more detailed. In my case, I came across a common pH test with a scale from 3,0 to 10.

To use this test is very convenient. Just follow the instructions, which are visually very clear. We collect the test water 5ml into the tube, add the reagent drops 4, mix and wait 3 minutes. Then put the test tube in the center of the color scale from the set and check the result. In my case, the test showed the value of 7. Which is quite suitable for most fish and plants.

Drip test JBL.

And that's what the company recommends about it. Jbl:

Freshwater aquarium (common): 6,5-7,5
Aquarium with fish from lakes Malawi and Tanganyika: 7,8-9,2
Plant aquarium (aquascap): 6,0-7,0
Marine Aquarium: 7,9-8,5
Pond: 7,5-8,5

Fortunately, I would like to note that in most of Eurasia, water from the tap goes with the parameters pH 6.5-8.5, so that practically does not require additional processing. The photo shows tap water in Latvia. Test shows 7.5-8.

The pH of tap water is shown in this image.
The measurement process!

pH in the aquarium. Very budget test.

If you feel sorry for the money for the drip test from a reputable manufacturer, you can order test strips from China. You can find them for the price of 0,45 €!

At the same time, the test performs its functions and measures pH quite accurately. Here is the test for the water in the aquarium. As we see, the strip is painted in the color corresponding to the number 7. Exactly the same figure gave us a JBL pH test in the aquarium.

So for a common understanding of pH in an aquarium, such tests are also quite suitable!

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pH in the aquarium: Testing Tests (2020)! Personal experience!
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pH in the aquarium: Testing Tests (2020)! Personal experience!
The pH in an aquarium is one of several, invisible but very important water parameters. He is responsible for whether your water is acidic, alkaline or neutral.
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