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Siphon Airlift For Ground In Aquarium! Review + Video!

Recently I made a post in which I described a very convenient cleaner for cleaning the soil with adjustable suction power.

This gravel cleaner is ideal for medium and large aquariums. But for nano aquariums (aquariums with shrimp or fry), it will be too big and powerful.

And therefore for such aquariums in our collection there is a special gravel cleaner with a very interesting method of work.

It is called - airlift siphon. And it works with an air compressor. Exactly according to the same principle, airlift filters in the aquarium work.

At the lower end of such a siphon air is supplied, which then rises inside the tube to the surface. Thereby, creating a stream of water, parallel sucking the smallest particles of debris and at the same time leaving the heavier soil intact. Such a movement of bubbles is very similar to the movement of the elevator up. Hence the name “airlift”, where “air” means “air” and “lift” means “lift”, “upward movement”, “lift”.

Airift siphon for the aquarium.
Airlift gravel cleaner. Overview.

Airlift gravel cleaner. Test.

Many aquarium products manufacturers have this type of cleaner. I got a German company Trixie. The most amazing thing is that the cleaner itself was made in Germany :)

All that is needed to connect this siphon is a tube with air from the compressor (diameter is standard).

Siphon airlift. The connection is shown in this snapshot.
Duct with air from the compressor.

And then just drop the cleaner and start working. In this case, I would like to note that this model has a telescopic tube and this siphon even for fairly deep aquariums.

But if you want to use it for aquariums with a low water level, then the siphon will have to be modified and cut the tube to the required height. The fact is that the bag for garbage collection must be below the surface of the water. Otherwise, the compressor will not have enough power and the siphon will not work.

And in this siphon it is very convenient that the water when the siphon remains in the aquarium, just passing through the bag. Therefore, it is possible to work with it for an arbitrarily long time, jewelry-making every centimeter of your nano aquarium:)

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Next, a short video with the principle of operation of this device:

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Amazonium. Net
Siphon Airlift For Ground In Aquarium! Review + Video!
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Siphon Airlift For Ground In Aquarium! Review + Video!
Find out how you can clean the soil in a small aquarium with a conventional air compressor if you use an air-lift siphon!
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