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Siphon For Ground in Aquarium Adjustable)! Review + Video!

After some time after the launch of the aquarium, you can notice an unpleasant picture in your aquarium. At the bottom will begin to accumulate the remains of fish, pieces of plants and other debris. The amount of garbage in an aquarium directly depends on the volume of the aquarium, the number of its inhabitants and also the types of fish. (For example, goldfish are still those “piglets” and leave behind quite a lot of waste). Also, the color of the soil affects the appearance of the bottom of the aquarium. After all, it is clear that on light monochromatic soil residual debris will be more noticeable than on dark.

But in any case, the time will come when the appearance of the soil will start to “annoy” you and you will think how to remove it from there. And for this, they invented such a device as a siphon for the soil in the aquarium.

Gravel cleaner. Principle of operation.

Siphons for cleaning the aquarium are shown in this image. Cleaner for aquarium gravel can be seen in this image.
Siphons for soil.

Any gravel cleaner works in exactly the same way as a regular hose, with which you make water changes. Only in it, along with the water all the dirt is sucked from the bottom of the aquarium. With a normal hose, the bottom can only be wiped out in aquariums without any soil at all. And in the aquarium with the ground, along with the garbage, you will suck the sand itself.

The difference of the cleaner for the soil is that the so-called glass (plastic tube) is located at the end of the hose, in which the soil with garbage rises only to a certain height. But to rise higher and get into the hose can only lighter trash, and heavy sand again sinks to the bottom.

There are a huge number of types and models of siphons - mechanical, electrical and even airlift (with the help of air). But the principle of work for all is the same - to lift and suck all the garbage from the bottom, while leaving the ground in place.

I tried many different models until I found one like the one below.

The siphon for the soil is shown in this photo. Gravel cleaner can be seen in this image.
Siphon for soil!

Gravel cleaner with adjustable valve.

I ordered such gravel cleaner on the Internet. And this cleaner several big advantages in comparison with similar devices. And the most important of them is the presence of an adjustable water flow valve. With it, you can safely adjust the suction force, and with one hand and right during the cleaning process (video at the end of the article).

Soil siphon with adjustable valve is shown in this picture.
Gravel cleaner with adjustable valve.

And also a very long and most importantly, a completely transparent glass, through which it is very convenient to completely control the whole process. And inside of which, a removable mesh is built in, to protect the fish, fry and shrimps from accidentally caught during the cleaning process from being sucked.

Gravel cleaner. Conclusion.

As for me, this is one of the most convenient models for a soil cleaning in an aquarium. The price in China is approximately 6-10 €. Made a small video clip. The quality is amateur, but the principle of operation of an adjustable valve can be understood.

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