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Spirulina (Spirulina) in the Aquarium: Very Useful Algae!

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Usually, algae everyone in the aquarium causes negative emotions. They spoil the look and steal nutrients from plants. And sometimes they even threaten the life of aquarium fish, as with rapid growth they take all the oxygen for themselves and the fish can simply suffocate. (How to win algae in the water and not let the fish die, I already did post before).

But not all algae dangerous and harmful to aquatic inhabitants. Some species are an excellent addition to the diet of many fish, snails and shrimps. And for some of the inhabitants of the aquarium in general are the main source of food and without algae they will simply starve to death. These species include, for example, the snail Neretina.

Therefore, scientists have long conducted studies, made analyzes of the composition and concluded that certain species algae They are simply an inexhaustible source of nutrients and nutrients. And the favorites among them are Spirulina (Sprulina) and Chlorella (Chlorella).

And since Spirulina ranks first in popularity, not only among the feed for aquarium inhabitants, but also among people, then we will begin our acquaintance from it.

Spirulina. Plant or animal?

If you do not go into complex scientific terms and slightly simplify the explanation, then spirulina - this is biomass cyanobacteria, the oldest microorganisms on earth. The age of the found remains of which reaches 3,5 billion years. And these are the only bacteria capable of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is a complex chemical process of obtaining organic substances from inorganic with the help of light. (If translated into a simple human language, then make the edible out of the inedible using sunlight).

What makes spirulina so valuable?

Today, probably, even people far from aquarists know or have heard that due to their composition, spirulina refers to the so-called superfood , which is now incredibly popular. After all, in spirulina contains 65-70% protein, while it is absorbed by the body 95%. And beta carotene, vitamins and minerals. In the aggregate of nutrients, it surpasses sturgeon fillets, quail eggs, black and red caviar, etc. And precisely because of its composition, spirulina widely used in feed for aquarium fish from almost all manufacturers. In some feeds as a supplement, and in some, as the main ingredient.

I got food with spirulina from JBL.


This feed belongs to the line Premium and the composition of it such.

Composition. Key Ingredients:
  • Fish and fish by-products
  • Cereals
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Vegetable Protein Extracts
  • Algae
  • Vegetable products
  • Crustaceans
  • Yeast
  • Vegetables
  • Shellfish
Composition in%:
  • Proteins 37.0%
  • Fats 6%
  • Ash 7%
  • Fibre 1.1%

Do not be scared if you see the word "Ash" in the composition of feed for any animals. It is not ash from burnt trees. Simply, in this way it is customary to designate the content of inorganic substances or minerals in the feed, such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, magnesium, zinc and other elements. All of them are necessary and very useful for the correct and rapid growth of your pets.
Scalare logo for amazonium.net site can be seen in this image. Logo scalar for site amazonium.net is shown in this image.

The feed is also enriched with vitamins A, D3, E, C, B8.

As the manufacturer claims, this product does not contain cheap fish meal. The composition of the feed is used only fish, vegetables, plant extracts and crustaceans in the perfect combination. And as assured JBLThis combination of ingredients is ideal for feeding all algae eaters. At the same time, due to the optimal content of phosphates, the feed does not spoil the water and does not cause turbidity of the water.

Also, thanks to garlic in the composition, the food strengthens the immune system of fish.

But information about the exact amount spirulinaas it often happens, you will not find it on the manufacturer’s website. It can only be seen on the back of the package. And spirulina in the feed present in the amount of 40%.

Spirulina, fish food depicted in this picture.

But if this amount is not enough for you, then on the Internet you can buy 100% Spirulina with no additives at all.

And yet, spirulina can be grown in the aquarium itself. Now, but with the background of a passion for healthy eating, a huge number of techniques and video instructions appeared on how to do this. Especially on English-language resources. And even the whole ready-made systems are offered.

So look if you want to try. Theoretically, nothing complicated should be.

Other feed tested by me

with spirulina in the composition:

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Spirulina. Algae, which are very useful.
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Spirulina. Algae, which are very useful.
Spirulina - an excellent food for aquarium fish!
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