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Ichthyophthyroidism (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis): My mistakes! Treatment Costapur'ohm.

Until that moment, I was lucky and I never brought ichthyophthyroidism into our aquariums. Although ichthyophthyroidism, or as it is also called “ichthyx”, “semolina” or “white point disease”, is perhaps the most common disease among aquarium fish.

Ichthyophthyroidism (Ichthyophthirius) - a disease caused by ciliary ciliates. The main symptoms of the disease are white dots that appear on the body of the fish. In confined spaces (the aquarium is ideal) it is very quickly transmitted from fish to fish.

Ichthyophthyroidism! How to infect an aquarium. 

Read carefully and do not repeat!

Perhaps experienced aquarists will laugh (at best) while reading this paragraph. After all, such errors should not be allowed, even at the initial stage of aquarium studies. But then they are mistakes in order to learn from them and gain experience with time. 

We have not bought any new fish in our aquariums for a long time, and now we decided to make a small gift for the New Year. 

As a result, it was bought: 

  • Dwarf tetradon (Carinotetraodon travancoricus) 5 pieces.
  • Kalamoikht Kalabar (Calamoichthys calabaricus) 7pcs.
  • Tetra Glo 7pcs.
  • Veil Panda corridor (optional) 1pc.                                            

All the fish were bought in another city, and on the road (in the thermal box) spent about 4 hours. We got everything in order and not a single fish was hurt. Migrated fish in all the rules, with a gradual equalization of temperature and water parameters. BUT!

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Launched Tetra Glo into a common aquarium, tetrads into a separate one, and Kalamoikhtov also into a separate one. The next morning everything was in perfect order, and I decided (Error #2), catch from a common aquarium (where tetras had already spent the night), one unfilled neon and transplant it to your friends in a biotope with catfish!

A day later a friend came to visit, an aquarist with a lot of experience, to pick up his catfish. He began to examine Tetra Glo and said that he did not like the spots on the fins of the fishes. Looks like “Ich” or Ichthyophthirius according to the scientific. The spots looked like the photo below. The photo is not mine, but the points were the same. I myself have never come across this disease, so I did not immediately attach much importance to them.

White spots on tetra glo can be see in this picture. The white dots of the terra are globally visible in this image.
White spots desease on the fish.

I got scared a little, caught all the tetras, put them in a separate aquarium, installed an air compressor and raised the temperature by a couple of degrees. It was a weekend evening and it was too late to go to buy something for treatment. But after looking in my first-aid kit for an aquarist, I found a couple of suitable medicines. The first eSHa2000 (immediately from all diseases, but works in tandem with eSHa EXIT), and the second Sera Costapurspecially developed for treatment Ichthyophthirius. eSHa2000 there were very few and eSHa EXIT It was not at all, so I stopped on the drug from Sera.

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Dosage and composition will not describe, you can find them on the site Sera. Yes, and knowledgeable people say that it is desirable to use the instructions attached to the medicine, since the composition changes from time to time and you can kill your fish. The only thing I will say that it is more convenient to use a disposable syringe for a more accurate calculation, rather than counting drops.

Costapur Sera depicted in this image.

In general, I resolved the problem with Tetras Glo. But the next day I saw in the general aquarium one black neon strewn with spots, and at the same time quite densely. Poured Costapur and there. A day later, I saw a catfish in the biotope aquarium, with similar spots. And it scared me in earnest. After all, live there and L-number loricariawhich are not very cheap and which I love very much. Yes, and as people say on the foru, catfishes do not accpet all drugs normally and may not survive the treatment. Therefore, poured half the dose and talked with a very knowledgeable person on the phone. He Costapur but said that if I started treating by Costapur, he assured me that nothing bad would happen to catfishes. And I added the second half of the dosage. The next day, all the fish, and even the snails felt as if nothing had happened. But the treatment is still ongoing, so I will write about the results a little later.

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In general, because of my stupidity, I had to treat not one aquarium, but three at once. So do not make my mistakes and follow these simple rules. 

  • If possible, keep the newly purchased fish for some time in a separate quarantine tank. And watch.
  • Do not replant fish that you are not sure of to another aquarium.
  • For different aquariums, it is desirable to use separate fish nets. Or at least rinse them periodically in salted water. 

Ps It is said that Ichthyophthirius It is very well treated with salt, but again, not all types of fish, it is suitable. I did not try it myself, so I will not advise. But as an option, when other drugs are not available and you do not have to choose, it will fit perfectly.

And this is one of our new inhabitants. And the "white spots disease" seems to have avoided him.

Kalamoiht, snake fish.
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Ichthyophthyroidism (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis): My mistakes! Treatment Costapur'ohm.
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