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Aquarium Water Level Sensor (Overflow Alarm): Test + Video!

Recently there was a post in which I told in detail how to change with little effort water in the aquarium.

And everything in the process of changing the water in the aquarium looks easy and beautiful with the exception of one point that you should pay attention to! This is the water level in the aquarium when it is filled. After all, it takes only a moment to get distracted (a phone call, a dog, someone called, etc.) and that's it, the level of the aquarium will be exceeded and the water will flow to the floor and possibly to the neighbors. Indeed, in the aquarium, in contrast to the bath, there is no additional control drain water. And it does not matter if you have a large aquarium volume or a small one, because water will flow from the tap.

I myself had moments when I barely had time to come to my senses that I needed to turn off the tap. It seems to convince yourself that you need to look at the level, but .. If you have a small aquarium, then there are no problems. But if more, then watch 10 minutes on it and not be distracted already quite problematic.

Therefore, I always wondered how not to miss this moment with the level. And I found a fairly cheap and simple solution - a sensor (signaling device) of the level (overflow) of water in the aquarium.

The water level sensor in the aquarium is shown in this image.
Sensor (alarm) level (overflow) of water in the aquarium!

I ordered it in China. It is quite inexpensive. (With delivery of approximately 3-4 €). The scope is almost endless. Can be attached to hoses, pipes, barrels, etc. Wherever there is a risk of water leakage and you fear it.

For an aquarium, the water level sensor fits perfectly.

Water level (overflow) sensor. Overview.

In my case, the level sensor is made in the form of a rectangular white box with a switch. And two wires with a sensor at the end. The principle of operation is quite simple. Water enters the board and a rather loud beep sounds. And it will signal until either you turn it off yourself or until the board becomes dry again. Powered by batteries on 9v (pictured) (not included in my kit).

The only thing I did was to attach a rubber suction cup near the sensor. In this way, it is very convenient to mount the water overflow sensor to any desired level.

A water level sensor with a rubber suction cup for the aquarium is shown in this image.
Water level (overflow) sensor.

Water level (overflow) sensor. Video Test.

The device is fully operational. We fix the sensor on the right level of the glass of the aquarium and turn it on. Now the water just will not spill over and the floors will remain dry. Take care of your ears!

My video:

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