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Cristobalite (Cristobalite) in aquarium! Overview! Soma Delighted!

   Continuing to run an aquarium for loricaria and corridors and trying to do something similar to a river biotope of South America I was puzzled by the search for soil.

The main criteria for him were:


  • Naturalness Soil should be of natural origin, chemically neutral and not contain any dyes.
  • The soil should be sufficiently small and safe for bottom dwellers. That is, do not contain sharp edges. After all, there is a myth that corydoras and other catfishes damage their antennae on poor-quality soil (Although, this myth seems to have already been refuted).
  •  The soil should be light in color. And although I am a supporter of dark, and even black tones of the soil, but in this case I decided to make an exception. The thing is that we have in the bright Panda corydoras, and on dark ground they also begin to darken over time. In order to disguise, as I understand it. Yes, and friends say that the Pandas on white soil look spectacular.
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   In general, reading and searching the ground, I stopped at this one. Cristobalite Iceberg (Crystobalite iceberg) from the French company Zolux.

Cristobalite Iceberg (Cristobalite Iceberg).

  Since I am a man, quite far from the science of "Chemistry", then at first glance it seemed to me that there is little natural in this soil. There were even more associations with plastic than with stone. But as it turned out, everything is not so scary, but on the contrary very well.

  After all Cristobalite (cristobalite) this is just a high-temperature polymorphic modification of quartz. And quartz, as we know, is very often used in aquariums, as soil or scenery. In other words, it is a primer in the form of sand and white.

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Cristobalite in nature is depicted in this photo. Cristobalite in the nature can be seen in this image.
Cristobalite in nature.

   So for the naturalness and safety of the soil, I became calm. 

Cristobalite Iceberg (Crystobalite Iceberg). Overview.

Cristobalite Iceberg for the aquarium is presented in this photo. Cristobalite Iceberg can
Crystobalite iceberg

Cristobalite Iceberg for sale in 4 kilogram bags produced by a French company Zolux, and a fraction (size) of 0.15 / 0.6mm. And it looks like washing powder most of all.

Cristobalite (cristobalite) in the aquarium is shown in this photo.
Cristobalite Iceberg

Preparation and laying in the aquarium with fish.

   Before laying any soil in the aquarium, we wash it under running water. Otherwise, the water in the aquarium will become muddy for a long time. To facilitate the process, it is desirable to involve your wife in this case. <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/11/svg/1f642.svg"> It was this soil that was sufficiently clean, so it did not take long to suffer.

Cristobalite is white for an aquarium. Flushing is presented in this snapshot.

   In order to safely lay the ground in the aquarium with fish, I used a plastic measuring cup. Just poured into it the ground and "poured" it near the bottom. And then gradually leveled.

Cristobalite in the aquarium can be seen in this image. Cristobalite in the aquarium is visible in this image.
Laying in the aquarium.

  In general, on this, the process can be considered complete. And I will say that the catfish greeted this soil very positively. And for the first time I saw how the corridor accelerated and crashed into the ground up to the very dorsal fin. Apparently, this is how they get the pipe maker in the wild. It's a pity I didn't have time to capture this moment. But I think there will still be such an opportunity. Now the water is still cloudy, and the driftwood stubbornly does not want to sink, but I will soon present a full photo report.

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Cristobalite in the aquarium is presented in this photo.
Catfish in the Aquarium are happy!

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