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Versamax (Hinged Filter For Aquarium): Overview and Launch!

I really like the external filters, because they do not occupy a useful place in the aquarium, and you can fill them with a much larger amount of filter material. But since we live on the fourth floor, and the neighbors on top of one night the hose of the washing machine burst, and the water flooded all night, since then the attitude towards the hoses filled with water and under pressure is very wary. And the additional hoses are not very desirable. Although the apartment with aquariums and so should be insured initially.

Yes, and on the Internet a lot of sad stories with external filters in the lead role, where one was especially remembered. As through the external filter the aquarium on the 700 liters merged and the person “got” a lot of money for the repair to the neighbors. Because of this, his wife left him, and he almost killed himself.

And still, on Youtube there was a video clip in which some external filter was described, in the configuration to which a pan was already attached, in which that filter was installed. That is, the leakage is already initially laid by the manufacturer. Shock!

Therefore, for myself, I found such an intermediate option, a hinged filter Versamax. It does not occupy space inside the aquarium, nor does it have any hoses. It itself is mounted on the side wall of the aquarium from the outside. And in the aquarium there is only a water intake (discharge of water above the surface). The filter housing is completely cast, without seams and joints, so the risk of water leaking onto the heads of neighbors tends to zero.

Hinged filter Versamax. Characteristics and principle of work.

By the principle of operation, this filter is practically no different from others, for example, internal ones. Inside there is a pump that pumps water, passes it through the filtering material and kicks it back into the aquarium. Its only difference is that the casing with the pump is located outside the aquarium. But the advantage is that more filler can be loaded into it, it does not “steal” the usable space inside the aquarium. And yet there is the possibility of installing a proprietary ultraviolet lamp.

Hinged filter Versamax Aquael presented in this picture. Versamax Aquael can be seen in this image.
Versamax 2

Versamax. Characteristics, filling and installation.

In my case, I came across a medium-sized model FZN-2, with a pump with an output of 800 l / h, designed for the volume of the aquarium from 40 to 200 liters, and the consumption of all 7.2w.

Tip! If your pets are dear to you and there are a lot of them in the aquarium, try to install several filters, or combine a filter and a separate air aerator. So, in the case of a sudden stop of one, the fish will not remain without oxygen, and the balance in the aquarium will not suffer much. This is especially true in the summer hot weather.

Hinged (hang on) filter. Filling.

Since this aquarium is planned to be used without any plants at all, the filter should assume their role and cope with both nitrates and phosphates. Therefore, I decided to fill it as follows.

Hinged filter Versamax Aquael and fillers for it are presented in this picture.
Fillers for the filter.

In one of the compartments, where there is more space, I put bioceramics and also put Seachem Matrix. About this filter media on the Internet a lot of positive feedback, and which copes immediately with ammonia, nitrite and nitrates.

And about which I already wrote a separate detailed post.

Seachem Matrix For the Filter: 170 Times More Effective! (Pumice or not?) Is visible in the photo.

Seachem Matrix!

Remove ammonia, nitrites and nitrates! Read more ...

But since in the aquarium without plants we need to overcome more and phosphates, then in the second compartment I added Aluminum Oxide from the same manufacturer (Seachem Phosgurd).

Amazonium. Net
Seachem Phosguard is presented in this snapshot.
Seachem Phosguard.

Seachem phosguard useful also by the fact that at the same time removes and silicates from the aquarium water. By themselves, they are safe for humans and fish, but serve as the basis for the growth of diatoms. May be contained in drinking water from the tap, as I was convinced on the basis of recent tests.

Since the fillers are quite dusty, and so that all this does not fly into the aquarium, I washed them before running into the filter under running water.

Then, all the components come together. Everything is pretty simple there. And the only thing worth adding is the sponge on the water intake tube in the aquarium. And as people say on the forums, this way you can reduce the filter maintenance to once every six months.

After the filter is installed, you can add any good bacteria from any manufacturer, pouring them directly on the fillers. This will speed up the launch of the filter and help you quickly adjust the balance in the aquarium.

The filter looks quite harmonious, works quietly, and if you raise the water level to the point of discharge, then it is almost silent. The only thing is that since we are all in bright colors, immediately after the purchase, I painted the filter housing on the outside in white!

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  2. Philip says:

    Good afternoon, I, too, are the lucky owners of the hinged filter Aquael Versamax and also want to make it white to please the interior. Please tell me how you painted it - (what paint? Was the primer and preliminary preparation of the surface used?)

    • amazoniu says:

      Good afternoon! I don’t remember exactly, but painted with plastic paint. The main thing is to glue everything inside with a masking tape (I also stuffed the paper beforehand) so that paint splashes do not get there and paint the surface that comes into contact with water so as not to poison the fish in the future. In general, paint carefully, with any paint that is suitable for plastic. But only outside!

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