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Blooming (Green Water) in the Aquarium: Quick Problem Solving!

   Sometimes, especially after starting the aquarium, we are faced with such a problem as water bloom. The water turns green, and often blooms so much that the fish are simply not visible. And the reason for this situation, as always, lies in the disruption of the biological balance in the aquarium.

Blooming water in the aquarium is shown in this picture. Green water in the aquarium can be seen in this image.
Flowering (green water) in the aquarium.

   Once this happened with us. It was necessary to urgently relocate the young scalar, so the aquarium started up very quickly and not according to all the rules. Water was taken from an old aquarium and diluted with fresh water. But the filter started to work from scratch, so bacteria did not have time to settle there, the balance was disturbed, and the water “bloomed”. And "bloomed" very much. 

Bacterial water bloom. What is it?

   Water blooming is the rapid development of phytoplankton in water. Green color is due to the high concentration of pigmented cells. May also be yellow brown or red. 

   Phytoplankton. If you decipher the translation from Greek, it will immediately become clear what it is. “Fito” (φυτóν) - plant, “Plankton” (πλανκτον) - wandering, wandering. That is, these are the same algae, but not on the walls of the aquarium and plants, but floating in the water column. 

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   The water bloom in the aquarium is dangerous in that it greatly reduces the amount of oxygen in the water and the fish can simply suffocate. There are several reasons why green algae begin to grow rapidly. Excessive light or direct sunlight, or an excess of organic or chemical substances in the aquarium, such as phosphates. Each aquarium is individual, and it is necessary to eliminate the cause on the basis of this. In general, the main thing is to adjust the correct biological balance. And in order for the balance in the aquarium to be properly formed, it takes some time. But since the water in the aquarium has already green and there is a threat to fish life, we need a quick way to solve the problem. 

  In general, there are several ways to combat water bloom in an aquarium. For example, by darkening the aquarium for a few days or using a UV lamp. Or using special chemical additives for aquarium water. But imagine, if with the help of chemistry one can immediately “kill” such a quantity of algae, then what kind of load it will be on biofiltration, which is still quite weak. Therefore, the most reasonable way out of this situation is to simply remove the algae from the aquarium. And there is one simple way that works well and has been personally tested. The essence of the method is to filter green water using an aquarium filter.

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Water bloom. Solving the problem with a filter and napkin. Personal experience!

   If you have a filter installed in the aquarium, as in the photo below, then you are in luck. In my case, it was Aquael Turbo 500but the Chinese will do too. The main thing is that there is an open sponge with a large surface area and a powerful pump.

Aquarium flute and internal filter Aquael Turbo 500 are shown in this image.
Aquael Turbo 500

   By itself, the filter and sponge, we can not help. Algae pass through a sponge. But! But if you wrap the sponge in a special viscose napkin for collecting dust (in the photo), then consider that the problem has been solved. According to its composition, such a napkin consists of wood fibers, that is completely harmless to the inhabitants of the aquarium. Checked by me! I think microfiber cloth napkin will not work.  

   In general, look like in the photo, and read the composition, so that there are no chemical additives.

Viscose Napkin.

So, then we just wrap the sponge in a napkin and fix it with ordinary rubber bands. We install it in the aquarium, turn it on and leave it to work. The very next morning, you will notice that the water in the aquarium has cleared noticeably, and the sponge has turned green. That is, the napkin perfectly detains and absorbs algae! 

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 We remove the used napkin and replace it with a new one. I changed napkins every morning for a week. Fortunately, they are cheap and can still be cut into four pieces. 

The process of work.

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    This method of dealing with the bloom of water, works on 100% and was personally tested. The only thing that he still eliminates the effect, not the cause. That is, removes algae themselves, but does not solve the problem of their occurrence. And it helps to gain time for the normalization of balance in the aquarium and facilitates the living conditions of its inhabitants.

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Bacterial water bloom (green) in the aquarium. Quick fix!
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Bacterial water bloom (green) in the aquarium. Quick fix!
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