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Aquarium Flute for Filter! Installation, Review and Work Pros!

When friends gave me the first aquarium Juwel Vision 180, I was in seventh heaven. The only thing that really upset me at first was that I couldn’t configure the stream coming out of the filter. It is quite powerful, so a rather strong current is created and everything starts flying around the aquarium. Plus plants sway and blow off small fish. The branded diffuser with air supply and adjustment did not help much. Yes, and with it the noise from air bubbles was added. In general, the view was not very good. There was no peace and tranquility in the aquarium!

I started thinking about solving the problem. And the first thing that came to mind is to limit and somehow break the flow coming out of the filter. For these purposes, I cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle, made holes in it and attached it to the filter output with rubber and plastic buckles. It turned out that the flow of water hit the bottom of the bottle and scattered through the holes. The problem seemed to be solved, but the overall appearance in the aquarium deteriorated greatly.

But if the aquarium is not for admiration, then you can safely apply such a solution. I still use it in aquariums with fry, or shrimp. Where a strong current is contraindicated (Example in the photo below). Only here, instead of the bottom of the bottle, a plastic measuring spoon with drilled small holes is used).

The filter for small aquariums is shown in this photo.
A way to lower the flow in the aquarium!

Meanwhile, the search for the optimal solution continued and was successfully completed when I once saw how a flute works in an aquarium!

From my experience I will say that sprinkler in the aquarium has many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Extinguishes the flow at the outlet of the filter.
  • When properly set up, it mixes well the water in the aquarium without leaving “dead zones”.
  • Filter flute works very quietly, if you put it on the water level.
  • Perfectly saturates water with oxygen.
  • Almost imperceptible in the aquarium and does not spoil the appearance.

Flute for the filter. Installation using the example of an internal Aquel Turbo 500 filter.

I must say right away that a flute in an aquarium for an internal filter is a fairly simple device that you can easily make yourself. For example from a plastic hose or tube. Just drill holes, put on suction cups and attach to the filter outlet. But since a branded flute is usually not very expensive, I took it and just bought it. I bought the flute of the company Aquael. It consists of many compartments that can be rotated in any direction, thereby directing the flow in the direction you want. And when you figure it out, it is very convenient to wash it.

Next, a small photo and video report on the installation of the sprinkler on the internal filter.

Internal filter itself Aquael Turbo 500 pretty simple and reliable. Water through a sponge enters the compartment with any filler and then with the help of a pump is blown into the aquarium. You can install a rotating head aerator to create small bubbles. The filter worked more than a year without a break and without any comments, and once even helped to cope very quickly with the flowering of water ( Read!).

So, to begin with, I disassembled and cleaned the entire filter, and the ceramic rings temporarily spilled onto the bottom of the aquarium so as not to lose valuable, beneficial bacteria.

In place of the ceramic rings laid “cool” filler Seachem Matrix, which has already written a great review.

Seachem Matrix For the Filter: 170 Times More Effective! (Pumice or not?) Is visible in the photo.

Seachem Matrix.

Advanced filter media! Read more..

Remove the air diffuser, assemble the filter and install the sprinkler. Sprinkler Aquael suitable for many filters Aquael without alteration, but if the diameter of the outlet openings of the filter and flute does not match, then you can use silicone for the aquarium or hot plastic glue (We did it with the filter Juwel).

Next, install the filter and sprinkler in the aquarium. Due to the fact that the sprinkler Aquael consists of many compartments, it is very convenient to adjust the level and direction. I usually set the holes at different angles. So the water in the aquarium will be better mixed, and there will be no stagnant zones. I set the level of the water surface. So the filter will work quietly and there will be no water murmuring. At the same time, the fluctuation of water will remain, which means that it will be perfectly enriched with oxygen. After all, it is on the surface that the maximum gas exchange occurs, and not when the bubbles from aeration rise up, as many people think.

Sprinkler Aquael in the aquarium. Video to compare sound.

Recorded a small movie. The quality is not very good, but when viewed with sound, the difference in the filter operation with and without the sprinkler will immediately become audible. Look!

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