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Seachem Matrix For the Filter: 170 Times More Effective! (Pumice or not?)

Seachem Matrix.

Some time ago, we had new tenants in the aquarium, namely Lorikaria Krasnaya "Loricaria Red Lizard" and Loricaria Rio Atabapo "Loricaria Rio Atabapo". Fishes not very common, but very interesting. And I wanted to create an aquarium for them with conditions as close as possible to natural ones. And their natural conditions are such that these fish often live in reservoirs in which there are completely no living plants, and the lighting is not very bright.

I have already figured out the lighting and made the cover on the basis of the lamps Aquael Leddy tube.

But how to make an aquarium without plants, and so that algae do not attack it? Indeed, if in the aquarium there is no one to eat nitrates and phosphates, then algae will be happy to do this. Therefore, we need to remove them from the aquarium as efficiently as possible. And for this we need good biofiltration. And fillers for filters, one of its most important components. And after studying the information on the Internet and reading reviews, I decided to fill the filters with fillers from the American company Seachem. Namely, Seachem Matrix- To remove ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, and to control phosphate in the aquarium, we will use Seachem Phosguard.

Seachem Matrix. Pros.

Biggest plus of Seachem Matrix, is its huge area for the settlement of beneficial bacteria. Every liter of Seachem Matrix can settle in as many bacteria as 170! liters of plastic filter balls. (Imagine the filter sizes in 17 buckets of water! :). And as the manufacturer assures, the area of ​​one liter is more than 700m2! (For a picture of size, take a look at the photo below!)

And on this filler, all kinds of bacteria settle, both aerobic and anaerobic, which immediately absorb ammonia, and nitrites and nitrates. And the volume of bacteria settlement is so large, because the entire area of ​​the filler is used, both external and internal.

Saechem Matrix, the filter area is presented in this picture!
This is what the 1 liter looks like Seachem Matrix!

And one of the big advantages of this filler is that it does not need to be replaced with time and it can be washed! According to Seachem, bacteria live inside and are not washed away. That is, once spent the money and all. Then save!

Myths, reviews, questions and answers!

I must say that such a number of positive comments about the product, rarely when you see. Just type Seachem Matrixfor example in search Amazon.com. And most of the reviews are rated 4 or 5 stars! But since aquarists very actively use this filler, there are a lot of myths and questions regarding it too. And the most important of them sounds something like this - “Is it true that in the bank with Seachem Matrix is there a regular pumice stone? ”

Seachem Matrix Macro is presented in this photo!
Seachem Matrix Macro.
Pumice or pumycite - porous volcanic glass, which was formed with a very fast freezing of gases!

And the answer to this question can be read on the manufacturer’s website itself and it sounds something like this in the translation. “Many think looking at Seachem Matrixthat it is a pumice stone. But not all porous materials are the same and buying Seachem Matrix, you buy not only the filler itself, but also knowledge and research ”. In general, there is no clear answer. But!

But if we “dig” further and start searching on the site, we will find a list of security measures for this product! And what do we see?

Seachem Matrix The description is presented in this picture!
Seachem Matrix.

Here is such a cunning composition! (if someone does not understand, then Pumice translates as pumice :)

The next question that many ask and which has arisen with me - “Didn’t I buy a fake?”. The thing is that the can is sold without any protection, just unscrewed the lid and inside the product itself immediately. And no branded films. This question was asked to the manufacturer, and he replied that it was so. Seachem Matrix and is for sale. So do not be alarmed by buying it.

And one more question that worries many. “Why are all the banks with Seachem Matrix "They weigh differently, because the packaging shows the weight of 400.?" For example, I had 613, and some found 900.

Seachem Matrix on the scales is visible in this picture. Seachem Matrix can be seen in this image.

   AndSeachem replies that this is also normal, and XNUMX is just a valid minimum. And also the weight can vary based on the amount of moisture in the product. So do not worry here :)

A mystery question.

And yet, one question remained a mystery to me. After all, if you search for information about Pumice on the Internet, we will see that most of her pores are closed, therefore it is frost-resistant and it is used to warm houses. And Seachem emphasizes that the bacteria settle precisely inside, so the area is so large and the filler can be washed easily. And if someone has additional information, write in the comments!

And how Seachem Matrix will cope with biochemistry, I will write after the launch. Follow the blog!

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