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Tubing (Tubifex tubifex): Freeze Drying and How to “Drown” Dry Food!

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Tubing (Tubifex tubifex), along with a bloodworm, is a very popular and useful food for aquarium fish. It is very high in calories and contains a lot of protein. Thanks to which, the fish grow very quickly or recover after an illness. In addition, it is quite small and not as dense as a bloodworm, so it is easier to digest. For some fish, such as catfish, this is a natural type of food in their habitat in wildlife. But along with all the useful qualities, a living pipe maker has one significant minus, which covers all its advantages. This minus lies in the favorite habitats of these worms.

The tube maker for feeding aquarium fish is shown in this image. Tubifex for aquarium fish feeding can be seen in this image.
Pipe Maker / Tubifex tubifex

The pipe maker is alive! Very dangerous!

The fact is that the pipe maker prefers to settle in places of discharge of domestic wastewater, sewers and other bodies of water rich in organic matter. But at the same time rich and all kinds of “dangerous” bacteria. Therefore, once you feed the fish with a live pipe-maker, you can lose them, and quickly and immediately all.

There are various methods for cleaning a living tubule. But firstly: it's quite a long time (3-7 days). And secondly: quite difficult (you need to rinse it with 3-4 once a day). And all this still does not guarantee you 100% health outcome of your fish. For this reason, most aquarium enthusiasts generally refuse to feed with a live tubule.

Frozen tubifex.

The frozen tubule is visible in this photo. Tubifex froze can be seen in this image.
Frozen tubifex.

Frozen tubule, can be used as a very good alternative to living. But only if it is properly processed and frozen. Otherwise, after defrosting, it literally dissolves in water. And it is advisable not to freeze the pipe maker yourself in a home refrigerator. It does not have a sufficient minus temperature and freezing speed to kill all bacteria. And the risk of infecting your fish with a frozen tubifex remains.

Dried tubifex. The safest!

Now, with the development of technology, there are types of feed that we had not even dreamed about before. For example, a dried tubule. And not just dried in the sun or at home on a battery, but dried by freeze drying.

Tubing (Tubifex tubifex): Freeze Dryer is shown in the picture!
FD Tubifex.

Freeze drying (lyophilisation or cryodesiccation).

I must say right away that freeze drying is a very expensive process and it is almost impossible to carry it out at home. During freeze drying, the product, whether it is meat, vegetables or a pipe maker, is first sharply frozen to -40 - -70 ° C, and then water is expelled from the product, turning it immediately into steam and bypassing the liquid state. In this case, the whole process takes place in a vacuum. It is clear that no bacteria can survive at -70 ° C, but all the nutrients at this freezing rate, on the contrary, will remain. As described by the German manufacturer Serain their fish food “FD Tubifex" 100% of the tubifex is contained, without additives, but with all the useful ingredients preserved. A Japanese manufacturer Hikari writes directly on the packaging that their dried tubule is completely “free” of parasites and harmful bacteria.

For the sake of interest, I looked at the prices of equipment on the Internet for freeze drying, and they are not even small in China. From 2000 $ to 50 000 $. So it’s much cheaper to buy immediately a finished product from well-known manufacturers.

Dried tubifex. Another problem and solutions!

Those who have ever bought a dried tubifex and tried to feed them fish understand how difficult it is. The thing is that it is very light, almost weightless, and does not sink at all. And although a catfish is drawn on the package with food, but the website says that the food is intended for all layers of the aquarium, including the bottom, it is not written anywhere how to deliver food there. I read a bunch of forums and still found one feeding option, the most acceptable one.

Tubing FD Tubifex The macro shot is shown in this image. Yeghishauch can be seen in this image.
Dried tubifex.

Dried tubifex. Feeding options.

It would seem that the first and obvious thing that comes to mind is to soak the food separately and then pour it into the aquarium. I must say, the method works poorly, the tubifex does not sink.

The second way is to press and glue a piece of food to the glass near the bottom. The method also works poorly, as the fish begin to attack it and the feed gets unstuck. And besides, completely dry food is harmful immediately for eating, as it will then swell in the stomachs of fish and will disturb digestion.

So, looking for information on the network, I found an almost perfect way to “drown” a dry pipemaker. The idea is not mine, but I added a photo of how to do it. For this we need only a medical plastic syringe.

  • So, take the syringe and take out the piston.
  • Laying a piece of food.
  • Insert the piston back.
  • We collect in the syringe a little water.
  • Pinch the hole for the needle.
  • Pull back the piston and create back pressure.
The tubing in the syringe is shown in this image. Tubifex can be seen in this image.
The tubifex in the syringe.

You can even see how air bubbles come out of the tubifex. Further, we see that a piece of the tube pipe begins to sink even inside the syringe.

The pipe maker is shown in this image. Tubifex can be seen in this image.
The tubifex "drowned" in a syringe.

Next, just pull out the piston and pour the contents into the aquarium. Food starts to sink to the bottom and now catfish can calmly enjoy them!

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