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Cover for Aquarium with Light Aquael Do it yourself! (2 options.)

Once an aquarium was bought on 112 liters from a Polish company Wromak. The original cover was not included and could be purchased separately. But, firstly, it cost, almost more than the aquarium itself, secondly it was supplied with outdated lighting, and thirdly I did not like the form. Therefore, it was decided to make the cover yourself.

Cover for aquarium from plexiglas. First option. Unsuccessful.

The aquarium cover with LED lighting is shown in this image. Aquatory led cover can be seen in this image.
Cover for the aquarium.

For the manufacture of the cover was used transparent plexiglass and 3 LED spotlights. And it was a mistake. The fact is that the light from the searchlight is reflected from the surface of the water and shines into your eyes through a transparent cover. Also, you see all the drops of water on the inside of the lid and it does not look very aesthetic. Plus, the back of the spotlights and the wiring come out to the outside and beauty is also not added. But in any case, this cover served a year. The price of searchlights is now quite small, and as a budget option, this cover is quite justified. Moreover, if the aquarium is not in a prominent place, and is used not for beauty, but for specific needs. Of the features of the manufacture of such a cover is worth noting a few things. Be sure to use the spotlight with the maximum level of moisture protection (usually they are sold as street). I cut out rectangular holes half a centimeter below them than the body of the spotlight and stuck it on silicone (Use an aquarium, otherwise there is a risk of poisoning the fish in the future). And if you use screws or screws in the lid (when screwing the handle for example), then use only stainless steel. I screwed in a simple and smeared with aquarium silicone on top. But it did not help and for the year they rotted.

Rust on the lid for the aquarium!

Cover for the aquarium. Improved version.

So, after a year of thinking, how to improve the appearance of the aquarium, such a decision was made. Use white plexiglass and branded lights Aquael Leddy tube.

Cover for the aquarium. The manufacturing process is presented in this picture.
Manufacturing process.

Manufacturing process.

First we need plexiglass itself. I did not find white in stores, only transparent. Therefore, I ordered a piece of white plexiglass from a friend in an advertising studio. Ordered glass, thickness 4mm, which was immediately cut to my size.

But when I sawed the first cover myself, I used a gadget like on my photo. It is not big, with adjustable turns and it is very convenient to work with it.

The first thing I did was screw the handle. There are no problems at all. We mark the place, drill and fasten. Be sure to use stainless steel screws.

The handle for the cover for the aquarium is shown in this picture.
Cover handle.

I thought for a long time how to come up with lighting for an aquarium with a flat cover and so that nothing was noticeable from the outside. And the idea came up to use suction cups and lamps with a circular cross section. Almost perfect for this Aquael Leddy tube. Although you can find other, cheaper options in China. But I did not want to wait long for delivery. It is also very important that the fixtures have water protection and the correct color temperature. Aquael everything is in order with this. Protection level from Ipx8 and 6500K spectrum. That is, they can be easily immersed in water, and they give light close to the sun.

Aquael Leddy Tube is visible in this image.
Aquael Leddy tube.

For attaching luminaires to the lid I found such suckers with a large diameter (21-22mm). Fit perfect.

Sucker for the aquarium is visible in this picture.
Mounts on the cover for the Lamp.

The only problem is that the projection of the fixture on the lamp hinders us, as it increases the height and prevents the suction cup from sucking.

Aquael Leddy tube Sunny is depicted in this photo.
We cut off the plastic mount.

I just cut it. To do this, I recommend everyone to use a knife heated on the fire. It is cut easily, there is no sawdust and there is no danger of breaking the lamp, as if we used a hacksaw. The only negative is that the warranty on the goods will be lost.

Next, remove the black cap and dress up suckers.

And install the lamps on the cover. Since the aquarium will be used for catfish, they do not need a bright light. Also in the aquarium will not be plants. Therefore, I installed the 2 fixture by 6w. But with this technology you can hang any number of them.

Cover for the aquarium. Interior view

Cover for Aquarium with Light Aquael visible in the picture.
Ready Lid for Aquarium!

Whatever the wires do not dangle, fastened them also with the help of a suction cup and a plastic clip.

Cover for the aquarium. The final look.

In our aquarium, the lid is very well placed on the ribs. If there are none, then we use special attachments for the covers. are inexpensive.

The fastening of the aquarium cover is shown in this picture.
Mount for Aquarium Cover!


Since the snails ampouleria laid caviar around the aquarium, then specifically left so much space. And so the water level can still be raised.

Cover for the aquarium. with Aquael LEDDY TUBE is presented in this photo.
Ready View Lids!

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