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Neretina: The Perfect Snail in the Aquarium! Find out why!

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Neretina (Neritina) - as well as the snail Helena, a very useful resident in the aquarium. And if Helena struggles with the uncontrolled growth of small snails in the aquarium, then Neretina very successfully fights with unwanted algae (plaque) in the aquarium. And he fights very, very successfully.

Neretina Clinton Corona presented in this picture. Neretina Clinton Corona can be seen in this image.

Recently, for the sake of experiment, I decided to get 5 snails of Neretin Clinton Corona. And so you think. In a fairly short time, they cleaned the coconut in the aquarium so that you can’t clean it even with sandpaper. In the photo below, for comparison on the left, I added coconut from the aquarium, where Neretin is not. And the coconut on the right, after the "work" Neretin.

Neretina: The Perfect Snail in the Aquarium! Find out why! Visible in the picture!
Neretina / Aquarium Result!

The following photo shows how the second coconut begins its wonderful transformation just a couple of days after being added to the aquarium with snails. And at the same time, I want to note that Neretina absolutely does not touch the plants. She will carefully remove the green coating from your Anubias ( Anubias) and crawl on. Just a “miracle of nature” and a real find for the aquarist.

The snail Neretina and red loricaria are depicted in this snapshot. Neretina and Red Loricaria can be seen in this image.
Neretina and the Red Lizard!

Neretina in the aquarium. The only negative and how to win it.

Along with the fact that the snail Neretina is very useful and almost perfect, it has one minus. The fact is that if the “snails” decide that their populations are not enough, they begin to lay their eggs very intensively. In this case, the eggs are bright white in color, there are quite a lot of them and they hold pretty tightly on different surfaces. And at the same time, none of them hatch in the aquarium. To do this, they need salt water.

And in the end, along with perfectly cleaned surfaces in the aquarium, you get a lot of white, poorly cleaned white grains.

The snail Neretina and her eggs are depicted in this picture. Neretina eggs can be seen in this image.
Neretina. Eggs

But what to do and is there a solution how to get rid of them?

To the great joy of aquarists, there is a fairly simple way to get snails to stop laying eggs everywhere. Simply enough to increase their number in the aquarium. Then the snails “decide” that the population is large enough and stop laying eggs. As they say on foreign sites, 10-15 snails on 150 liters will be enough to forget about the white dots on the glasses. Snails are small in size and very beautiful and diverse in shape and color, so they will look very harmonious in any quantity and any volume.

Neretina (Neretina). Content in the aquarium.

The snail Neretina (Neretina) is quite unpretentious to the conditions of detention, and can live in almost any aquarium. The only thing worth avoiding is fish eating snails. But at the same time, Neretin can be kept together with the snail killers Helen. Neretin’s sink is very close to the surface and Helena simply can’t get to it.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the launch of Neretin in the aquarium. You can not just throw them into the water. After all, if it falls on the sink, it can independently not turn over and die. Especially if the sink with “horns”. And of course, make sure that they have enough green fouling so that they do not die of hunger. And in which case, feed with special feeds. Many manufacturers can pick up food just for a specific snail.

And also very carefully read the instructions for chemicals and drugs added to the aquarium. Many of them are perfectly safe for fish, but deadly for shrimps and snails.

Conclusion or how to set up a "snail" balance in an aquarium.

Theoretically, and practically the same, different types of snails in the aquarium can greatly facilitate the work of the aquarium caretaker. You can apply such a scheme and get 3 of different types of snails, Neretin, Helen and Ampularia. Neretins will keep the walls of the aquarium clean, Helena rid of other small unwanted snails, and Ampularia clean the aquarium of unwanted food residues in it. The main thing is to adjust this balance and choose the right number of snails for your volume.

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Helena snail can be seen in this image. Helena's snail is visible on this picture.

Snail helena

Clea Helena. A useful killer in your aquarium!

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Neretina: The Perfect Snail in the Aquarium! Find out why!
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Neretina: The Perfect Snail in the Aquarium! Find out why!
Neretina in the aquarium! An indispensable tool in the fight against green fouling in an aquarium!
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