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Shrimp Filters (Atyopsis moluccensis): How to properly design an aquarium! + Video!

   Shrimp Filters (Atyopsis moluccensis) behave in an aquarium in a completely different way than other species. The main difference between their behavior is the method of obtaining food. Usually they do not crawl around the aquarium in search of food, but sit opposite the flow of water and filter out particles of food from it. This can be read in my recent posts! And if the outlet of your filter (namely, there is usually the strongest current) is located in the far corner or near the back wall, then you will practically not see your shrimp. 

   Therefore, in order to study the behavior and enjoy the beautiful view, it is necessary to create the strongest current in the place we need. Then the fan shrimp will be visible most of the time. You will constantly watch them and even take pictures without any problems. Otherwise you will be disappointed!

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   And you can even say that you create ideal conditions not only for shrimps, but equally for yourself!

What do we need to create ideal conditions?

   For ideal conditions, we need: First - the flow of water and second - some kind of platform opposite so that the filter shrimp can be there.

   With the second condition there are no problems. Any snag, or aquarium plant, on the leaves of which shrimps are also happy to sit, will do. (As soon as their head is not spinning from constant pitching (see my video at the end of the post)). If the snag is fresh and does not sink, then you can install it either with the help of stones wound with a fishing line, or with the help of suction cups. We tear off the ground and fasten the sucker to the glass bottom of the aquarium, and then gently fill it with sand. It looks natural.

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   Now about the first condition. I was lucky and in our home collection there was an ideal filter for such conditions Aquel Asap. It can be used both in terrariums with a waterfall and aquariums, completely submerged at any height. In this case, you can direct the flow horizontally in any direction. I consider such a filter an ideal solution. If there is no such filter, then you have to come up with a whole system of tubes to bring the flow to the right place.

Video on how to equip a place for shrimp filter feeders in your tank.

   I want to clarify right away that the aquarium in the video is not a species one and was previously used as a teenager. Therefore, the plants are planted in pots and "hodgepodge" of fish and shrimp. Shrimp filter feeders (Atyopsis moluccensis) temporary residents and arrangement of a place for them were done in haste and for the sake of experiment.

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Shrimp Filters (Atyopsis moluccensis) Feeding.

   After the place for the filter feeder shrimp is equipped, one important question remains, how and what to feed them. After all, the feed must constantly be in the water column. Read about it in the next post!

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