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Dennerle Shrimp king Atyopsis (Shrimp Food): Feed Right!

Recently, in one of our aquariums, new interesting tenants have appeared - filter shrimps (Atyopsis moluccensis). I already did a post about the first acquaintance with them. You can read the link below.

So, the main thing that distinguishes these shrimps from other species, is a way of getting food. They get it from the streams of water using the front legs, made in the form of fans. In other words, they simply sit across from the stream and filter the smallest feed particles out of the water. From here they got their name, shrimp filter. And therefore, the usual food for shrimp, made in the form of bottom granules or tablets is not very suitable for them. And it must also be borne in mind that they are several times larger than ordinary shrimps, therefore feeding needs to be approached very responsibly!

There are several ways to feed such beauties, but one of the easiest is to buy special food for these shrimps. After all, it should be quite shallow, long stay in the water column and at the same time as balanced as possible. Do not forget that any shrimp shed quite often, and for this they need a large number of different ingredients in the composition of the feed. Searching the Internet, I found several options for food for them, but the most acceptable in terms of delivery was the company's food. Dennerle. In addition, the firm Dennerle positioning itself as a producer of the highest quality feed.

Dennerle shrimp king Atyopsis feed is presented in this photo. Dennerle shrimp fod can be seen in this image.
Dennerle Shrimp king Atyopsis.

Dennerle Shrimp Atyopsis. Again, incomprehensible moments with the composition of the feed.

I don’t know why this happens, but when you start to study the composition of the feed on the manufacturers' websites, and then read the composition of the feed on the packaging, they often do not coincide, or there is simply no information about the exact composition. So it was with the feed formulations for Guppy fish (Read more...), and food from the Japanese manufacturer Hikari (Read more...), and now Dennerle. Let's see!

Dennerle Shrimp Atyopsis with macro view can be seen in this image. Dennerle Shrimp Atyopsis presented in this picture.
Dennerle shrimp food macro.

To begin with, I will immediately say that the German company Dennerle says that they don't use fish meal at all in fish food.

Now we will deal with food for shrimp. Open the manufacturer's website and find a page with a description of the feed for shrimp Dennerle Shrimp king Atyopsis. General description looks very nice. The site does not have a Russian language, so I cite a little translation.

Dennerle shrimp king atyopsis - specially developed food in powder form, providing a balanced diet for freshwater shrimp filter feeders. Composed of all the important ingredients and nutrients, made in the form of particles of optimal size. Which allow you to effectively feed the shrimp, do not sink for a long time and do not pollute the water. For healthy, balanced growth and bright color.

High-quality proteins and essential amino acids obtained from insect and crustacean larvae guarantee rapid growth and high productivity when breeding shrimp. The composition contains all the necessary vitamins and other substances extracted from different types of algae and vegetables, which have a beneficial effect on the metabolism in the body of shrimp. The composition is also added leaves of the “miracle tree” Moringa oleifera to strengthen immune protection and improve digestion. And natural carotenoids can achieve a bright color with the manifestation of all the patterns on the body of shrimp. This feed is ideal for feeding such shrimp Atya и Atyopsis, such as Atya gabonensis, Atya innocus, Atyopsis moluccensis и Atya margaritacea.

Moringa oleifera or Moringa Maslinichnaya - tree, fruits and leaves of which are used in the food industry and cosmetology. Rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, and has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. And also used to treat allergic reactions on the skin.

Dennerle gives a guarantee that the feed contains no fishmeal, artificial preservatives and dyes.

It was a product description. Next, open the site or look at the package itself and see this.

Dennerle fan shrimp food can be seen in this image. Dennerle shrimp feed is shown in this image.
Dennerle Shrimp king Atyopsis. COMPOSITION of food.
Feed composition:
  • Shrimp Flour
  • Wheat flour
  • alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Spirulina Algae (10%)
  • Fish fat
  • Yeast
  • Vitamins
Feed composition in%:
  • Protein 33%
  • Fat 2%
  • Fibre 6.5%
  • Ash 12%

Yes, there is no fishmeal in the feed, but there are two other types of flour. Plus there is no mention of insect larvae and the “wonder tree” Moringa oleifera. But alfalfa appeared. In general, as is often the case with feed, the description on the site and the composition on the package are slightly different.

Do not be scared if you see the word "Ash" in the composition of feed for any animals. It is not ash from burnt trees. Simply, in this way it is customary to designate the content of inorganic substances or minerals in the feed, such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, magnesium, zinc and other elements. All of them are necessary and very useful for the correct and rapid growth of your pets.
Scalare logo for amazonium.net site can be seen in this image. Logo scalar for site amazonium.net is shown in this image.

alfalfa (Medicago sativa) - a genus of annual or perennial herbs and shrubs, which has long been used in diseases of the intestine, stomach, thyroid gland, to improve metabolism and stabilize blood pressure.

Dennerle Shrimp king Atyopsis. How to feed.

Here with this question Dennerle full order. The fact is that this is the first food in the set of which I meet a measuring spoon. And the instructions clearly and clearly say: one measuring spoon without a slide for one shrimp, 2 times a day. And the way of feeding is about the same as the way of feeding fry. We dilute the feed with a small amount of water and use a modified syringe (syringe + straw for cocktails) or a special device into the water flow in the aquarium.

Attachments for fan shrimps feeding.

What if there is no opportunity to buy special feed for fan shrimp?

Dennerle Shrimp king Atyopsis - certainly an excellent feed in its class, but it has several drawbacks. Firstly, it is expensive, and secondly, it is designed for certain types of shrimp and is not very easy to buy and has to be ordered. But, from my own experience I will say that there is one simple solution. Use food to feed fish fry Sera Micron. Made in the form of dust, does not sink for a long time and the composition is also very rich. Yes, there is fish meal, but spirulina is there 50% instead of 10% Dennerle. And the price in 2-3 times cheaper. Review about it read below. And do not forget that shrimp can not be fed exclusively dry food, albeit specialized. It is also necessary frozen and alive. (Cutted bloodworm, Cyclops, Daphnia, hatched artemia, etc.

Fish food Sera Micron can be seen in this image. Fry for fry Sera micron can be seen in this picture.

Sera Micron! To read!

There were fry in the aquarium? What food to choose in the early days? In the life of every aquarist there comes a happy moment when in the aquarium ...

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