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TDS In Aquarium: Review (2019), Test and Shock from Prices in Stores!

Once, when exchanging fish, one of my acquaintances, an aquarist, said that he does not transfer fish to another aquarium until the parameters are equal TDS. For me it was a completely unfamiliar word, I became interested in it and began to search for information on the Internet.

So, TDS - is short for English words. (total dissolved solids), and stands for “the total amount of dissolved solids in water, including salts”. Therefore, a measurement device is commonly called “TDS-meter "or" salinometer. And it shows “total water mineralization”. The readings in parts per million water molecules are measured in ppm (parts per million).

TDS and water hardness.

When you first encounter TDS, immediately thoughts come to mind that with the help of a “salimeter” it is possible to measure the hardness of water. After all, it directly depends on the so-called “hardness salts” dissolved in water. (calcium and magnesium salts). and even give the formula that if you divide the tester testimony by 17.8, then we get the rigidity in the usual German degrees.

But in fact, this is a fallacy, and it can be very easily dispelled. Make water tests for hardness, add regular salt (sodium chloride) into the water and repeat the measurement. The hardness of the water will not change, but the readings of the device are too high. So, without a drop test for stiffness, alas, can not do. Also in the aquarium phosphates, nitrates and other chemical elements will affect the readings.

TDS-meter. Review and examples of my tests.

TDS-meter, is a device made in the form of a pen with a digital display and 3 buttons. At the end are 2 metal rods, which must be immersed in water for testing. I note that the device can measure not only the total salinity of the water, but also the temperature. I will also say that the device is not purely aquarium, and is mainly used to determine the quality of drinking water.

Table of water quality from the manufacturer of the tester.
Tdsmeter, water quality chart is shown in this picture. TDS water quality test can be seen in this image.
Water quality table.


For starters, I measured the readings for distilled water.

Note! Distilled water is purified water with the help of special distillation apparatus. Practically does not contain any impurities and salts. There is also bidistilled water — that is, twice purified water.

Based on the table above, the norm for distilled water is from 0 to 5 ppm. My device shows 16 ppm. Since the device is one, and there is nothing to compare the readings with, then it will not be possible to find out why the error is obtained. Either in water or in the calibration of the instrument. In any case, the error is not significant.

The TDS meter and distilled water are shown in this image. TDS-meter for water quality can be seen in this image.
TDS and distilled water.

Next, measure the water from the tap.

The TDS meter and tap water are shown in this image. TDS and water test can be seen in this image.
TDS-meter and tap water.

As the test shows, this water can be safely drunk. But if you let it through a kitchen charcoal filter, then the readings fall to 74ppm. So the carbon filter works and the device can be trusted.

TDS meter and filter water test. TDS-meter and filter water test.
TDS-meter and water from the filter.

And the last test is the test of water from our one aquarium.

The TDS Aquarium Water Test is shown in this image. TDS aquarium water test can be seen in this image.
TDS in the aquarium.

From the photo we see that the device shows 132ppm, and theoretically, you can easily drink water from the aquarium :)

Price in one online store! And how many TDS really worth it. Shock!

To begin with, I post a screenshot of the price from one Latvian online store.

TDSThe meter is shown in this image.
TDS-meter online store.

As you can see, the picture shows the same model and price. 18.90€.

When I saw this, I was in light shock. After all, I bought my meter on Alliexpress for 2.24€ here for this link.

To sum up.

I do not consider this device directly at 100 percent as a necessary device when doing aquarium work, such as for example a thermometer. Especially if it will be expensive. But if you suddenly need to order a cheap thermometer from China, for the same money you will get a thermometer and TDS-meter. Also with batteries included. And he measures the temperature quite accurately.

And how to choose a thermometer, read in the next post.
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