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Shrimp in the Aquarium: How to Catch! (Experience, Ways and Traps)!

When the shrimp appears in your aquarium, after some time you have a desire to breed them. But if you have ideal conditions for keeping shrimp in the aquarium, then the word “breeding” here will not be very appropriate. Rather, the word “reproduction” would be more appropriate. After all, shrimp will begin to multiply intensively and soon they will capture all corners of your aquarium.

And then you have another question. How to get rid of them or reduce their number.

Shrimp Ways to reduce the population.

There are several ways to reduce the number of shrimp in the aquarium. Chemical, biological and mechanical. The first two methods are effective, but rather cruel.

The chemical method.

The fact is that shrimp react very negatively to certain types of drugs. They will be practically harmless to fish, but deadly fatal to shrimp and their caviar. And if you set a goal, then you can pick up such a tool. You just have to siphon the bottom and remove the dead shrimp. This method will kill even very small, invisible shrimp and caviar and give 100% result.

The biological method.

Another way is to temporarily hook fish into the aquarium that are not fully compatible with shrimp. for example cichlid. Even quite peaceful species, for example angelfishwill constantly hunt them and eventually destroy the entire shrimp colony.

Mechanical method.

If you do not want to completely get rid of shrimps, but only want to catch and transplant them, or give or sell, then the mechanical method will help us.

I must say right away that catching shrimp with a butterfly net in an aquarium planted with plants is an almost useless and ineffective activity. Therefore, it is necessary for the shrimp to catch themselves. And for this, a homemade trap with a bait, which can be made in half an hour and which costs practically nothing, is suitable. Next step by step instructions and visual video.

Shrimp Homemade trap.

Manufacturing process.

1. We take an empty plastic bottle.

Shrimp An empty plastic bottle for making a trap is shown in this photo. Empty plastic bottle for shrimp trap can be seen in this image.
Empty plastic bottle.

2. Cut off the part from the top and bottom of the bottle.

Shrimp Trap making is shown in this picture. Shrimp trap makin can be seen in this image.
Parts of a plastic bottle.

3. In order to make holes in the plastic, we need a construction knife and an awl, or a screwdriver. And in order to cut and make holes with little effort, just heat the tools on the gas stove.

A shrimp trap, tools for making a trap are shown in this image.
Tools for manufacturing.

4. Making holes.

Trap for shrimp in an aquarium. The manufacturing process is shown in this picture. Shrimp trap making can be seen in this image.
Making holes.

5. We tie a line to lift the trap from the aquarium.

The production of the shrimp trap is depicted in this photo. Shrimp trap can be seen in this image.
We tie a fishing line.

6. First I left the cork, but the holes were not enough, so I also cut it off. At the bottom of the lower part we put weighting, for example small stones.

Making a shrimp trap can be seen in this image. The shrimp trap is visible in this picture.

7. Then we lower it to the bottom and add bait. For example, moth, frozen Cyclops, tablets for shrimp and so on. We catch.

Shrimp, a trap for an aquarium is depicted in this photo. Shrimp trap can be seen in this image.
Shrimp trap.

Process on video:

Do not leave the shrimp trap permanently unattended. There is no water flow inside, so shrimp can suffocate. Plus, the fish swim in a trap and snails crawl.

And so, for the first 15 minutes, we managed to catch approximately 20 shrimps. So, in order to reduce the shrimp population in an aquarium, it does not take too much time.

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Hornwort (ceraptophyllum) for aquarium can be seen in this image. Hornwort is depicted in this picture.


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