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Small Bubble Air Sprayer: DIY! Personal Experience (+ Photos)!

When I first connected the air compressor to our aquarium, I immediately realized that a spray with ordinary bubbles did not suit me. They are rather large and in water they strongly resemble a boiling kettle. I also wanted smaller ones, more like smoke rising to the surface of the water.

Diffuser with small bubble of air for aquarium can be seen in this image. The small bubble atomizer for the aquarium is shown in this photo.
Small bubbles in the aquarium.

I tried a lot of sprayers on sale. I must say at once that all so-called stone or ceramic types did not suit me. Whether it is famous brands, or unknown Chinese firms. Yes, sellers in advertising promise that they use super nano ceramics and bubbles will be like smoke. But in the aquarium they all looked normal. Maybe I just had no luck.

The only sprayer that really gives small bubbles is a sprayer made of wood. I tried this from a German company Aqua Medic. It gives perfect bubbles in the aquarium. But the price! And more it is necessary to consider, that wooden atomizers longly do not "live" in an aquarium. Usually - a month, two!

Aqua Medic air diffuser price can be seen in this image. The sprayer in the aquarium is pictured here.
Aqua Medic diffuser price

Finding the solution!

The idea to save and make such a spray yourself, I had a long time. All thought, how to implement it. And recently, one of the forums came across the manufacture of a wooden spray from a tree branch and a disposable medical syringe. And I decided to try to do it!

Manufacturing process.

1. First of all we go to the pharmacy and buy a suitable syringe.

Diffuser for aquarium / tools can be seen in this image. Aquarium sprayer, tools are presented in this photo.
What we need.

2. We measure the inside diameter of the syringe and go to the forest for a suitable branch. Look for a branch with a diameter larger than that of a syringe. When the tree dries, it can greatly diminish in size. I cut a branch of a deciduous tree. Though, here the main thing to understand, what wood porous, and what dense. I think this will depend on the load on the compressor during the purge and the quality of the bubbles.

Diffuser for aquarium. Wood can be seen in this image. Sprayer in the aquarium, tree selection is shown in this image.
Choose a tree.

3.Clean the branch of the tree from the bark, sawed into the necessary pieces and dried. I dried it in the oven. Then cut off the necessary length from the tip of the syringe (On the photo).

Diffuser for aquarium. Wood and syringe can be seen in this image. Sprayer for the aquarium. The tree and the prince are shown in this image.
A tree and a cut-off syringe for the sprayer.

4. Next, insert the dried piece of wood into the syringe. If you do not go wrong with the diameter, then the tree must enter tightly. If not, then it can be applied with either aquarium silicone or hot plastic glue.

5. Since this is not a stone, the design is easy and will come up. Therefore, you need to add an aquarium sucker. With it, we will mount either to the bottom or to the glass.

All manufacturing is completed and you can begin to test!

Wodden diffuser for aquarium can be seen in this image. The wooden aquarium spray gun is shown in this image.
Handmade diffuser for the aquarium.


For the demonstration, I attached the diffuser to the front glass. Nearby installed, ordinary stone with less than small bubbles. This aquarium is used to grow young scalyards, so there is no special beauty in it.

But the work of a homemade wooden spray on my video is clear without words!


If the aesthetic appearance of your aquarium is important for you, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, then a homemade spray will be perfect for you. The cost of this device, as the cost of a disposable syringe. Plus a little of your time!

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