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Flakes: Fish Food! Choose Right (JBL, Tetra, Eheim, Sera)!

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Like many aquarists, during this hobby I tried a whole bunch of different types of feed. Flakes, chips, granules of different sizes, bottom tablets and tablets on glass. And for myself, I concluded that it is most convenient to feed the fish by food in the form of flakes. The only exception is the bottom tablets for catfish and shrimp, alternatives to which, when fed in a common aquarium, are still difficult to find.

So, what are the advantages of food in the form flakes, in comparison with other species? For me, there are several.

  • Flakes, unlike granules, do not soak in water before use. Of course, granules can also be simply poured into the aquarium. But watch how they swell in the water, and how many times increase from this in size. And if the fish swallows even the dry granules, and then they swell in her stomach, it will not be very good, in my opinion.
  • As flakes very instantly all absorb in itself, it is very convenient to drip on them liquid vitamins before feeding.
  • I do not know about others, but for example, another type of food - chips, very much muddy the water in the aquarium during feeding. Fishes they are simply torn to dust. And this dust covers the entire aquarium for a while. Even chips from well-known brands with various “Pure Water” formulas indicated on the package muddy the water. But with flakes this does not happen. They look like pieces of wet paper and in this form smoothly sink to the bottom.
  • And yet, dry flakes it is very convenient to grind in the fingers and feed both small fish and very young. You will not be able to grind the granules in your fingers!

Next comes a small selection of several species flakes base level from well-known manufacturers. All the flakes from my personal collection have been tested by my fishes.

Flakes (tetra tetramin sera vipan, jbl novobel, eihim) fish food for aquarium fishes can be seen in this image. Flakes - feed for aquarium fish is presented in this photo.
Flakes for aquarium fish. Comparison.

In the test participated 4 famous company for the production of feed for the aquarium.

All flakes produced in Germany!

  1. Tetra Tetramin.
  2. Sera Vipan.
  3. EIHEIM Flakes.
Sera vipan can be seen in this image. Sulfur Vipan is shown in this image.
Sera Vipan.
Eueck tetramin fish food can be seen in this image. Tetramine feed is pictured here.
Tetra Tetramin.
JBL NOVOBEL flakes can be seen in this image. Aquarium fish flakes can be seen in this picture.
Eheim flakes can be seen in this image. Flakes eheim presented in this picture.

Tetra Tetramin.

Company Tetra - one of the leading manufacturers of equipment, feed and medicines for aquariums and terrariums. It was she who first developed and brought to market a balanced dry food in the form of flakes for fish. 60 has a successful summer experience in the aquarium market, it has more than 300 patents and has hundreds of its own aquariums in its research center.

Tetra Tetramin flakes in macro can be seen in this image. Macro flakes tetra are shown in this photo.
Tetra Tetramin.

Tetramin. Composition.

According to the manufacturer, the feed includes a high-quality blend of highly nutritious ingredients, vitamins and minerals for everyday nutrition of aquarium fish.

Nutrition facts
  • Protein 46%
  • Fats 11%
  • Fibre 3%
  • moisture 6%
  • Phosphorus 1%
  • Vitamin C 446mg / kg
  • Omega 3 500mg / kg
Composition. Basic Ingredients:

To date, the flakes includes more 40 ingredients. Here is a list of the main ones.

  • Fish and fish by-products
  • Vegetable protein
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Yeast
  • Shrimp and crawfish
  • Shellfish
  • Vegetable fats
  • Fish fat

Also in the composition of the feed is added the proprietary formula with probiotics "BioActive" to improve the assimilation of fish.

Attractiveness for fish.

Flakes Tetramin on the consistence fairly dense and bright enough. With a faint smell of dried fish. Not large in size. Very easily grinded by fingers even in the dust, so it is convenient to feed fish of any size, including fry. In aquarium flakes float on the surface and gradually getting wet, go down. To speed up the process, you can slightly move them.

Any fish eat these flakes very willingly. At the same time, they practically do not muddy the water.

EIHEIM Flakes.

Company Eiheim was founded by German engineer Gunther Eicheim (Gunther Eheim) in the distant 1949 year. The main specialization of the company was the development and sale of aquarium filters. In the 2004 year, it teamed up with two more leading European aquarium brands, mp and JÄGER в EHEIM Aquatics group.

Today, under this brand, virtually everything that can be imagined when practicing aquarism, including food, is produced.

Eiheim flakes for fish can be seen in this image. Eiheim flakes are shown in the photo.
Eiheim flakes.

According to the company Eiheim, they created high-quality flakes for every day, which practically do not pollute the water.

Nutrition facts
  • Proteins 41%
  • Fats 17%
  • Fibre 1%
  • Ash (inorganic compounds) 6%

Do not be scared if you see the word "Ash" in the composition of feed for any animals. It is not ash from burnt trees. Simply, in this way it is customary to designate the content of inorganic substances or minerals in the feed, such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, magnesium, zinc and other elements. All of them are necessary and very useful for the correct and rapid growth of your pets.
Scalare logo for amazonium.net site can be seen in this image. Logo scalar for site amazonium.net is shown in this image.
Composition. Basic Ingredients:
  • Salmon
  • Halibut
  • Cod
  • Herring
  • Shrimps
  • Vitamins and minerals

Attractiveness for fish.

Differences flakes Eiheim is that they have a rather strong smell of dried or dried fish. Flake size is average. The color is not bright. Easily frayed in the fingers. Float on the surface with a gradual immersion to the bottom. Thereby providing food to fish from all layers of the aquarium. The only thing, as it seems to me, the plant part in the feed is poorly represented, therefore, the fish will need to be periodically fed with plant additives. But the data is eaten flakes with great joy.

Sera Vipan.

Company Sera, as well as other participants of this post, offers an almost complete range of products, both for the aquarium and for garden ponds. But the company's history began more than four decades, from the development of dry food for fish. Therefore, as this product can also be no doubt.

Sera Vipan flakes can be seen in this image. Sera Vipan flakes can be seen in this picture.
Sera Vipan.

Sera Vipan - a universal food for all species of tropical fish, created by careful processing of the highest quality ingredients.

Nutrition facts
  • Proteins 46,2%
  • Fats 8.9%
  • Ash 11.9%
  • Fibre 3.5%
  • moisture 6.7%
Composition. Basic Ingredients:
  • Fish flour
  • Wheat flour
  • Brewer's yeast
  • Gammarus
  • Marine Algae
  • Egg powder
  • Green Malusks
  • Nettle
  • Garlic
  • Mannanoligosaccharides
  • Fat from the liver of fish
  • Spirulina
  • Vegetable raw materials
  • Spinach
  • paprika
  • Parsley
  • Calcium caseinate

Attractiveness for fish.

As we can see, the composition of the feed is more than saturated. By color, flakes quite bright, and almost smell neutral. Long remain on the water surface, and are designed primarily for fish that live in the upper layers of the aquarium.


Company JBL It was founded in 1960 by a German chemist, Joachim Boehme, who was also a specialist on beetles and an avid aquarist. It was he who created the cure for "point" disease (Ichthyophthirius), with the name "Punktol", which is sold to this day.

The company also deals with almost all types of products for the aquarium, and the choice of their feed is simply huge.

The main goal of the brand JBL, keep animals at home as well as is necessary for their successful breeding in captivity. Thereby reducing the catch of animals from the wild and preserve the natural population.

Jbl Novobel flakes can be seen in this image. Aquarium Company Flakes JBL presented in this photo.
Nutrition facts
  • Proteins 43.0%
  • Fats 8.3%
  • Ash 8.1%
  • Fibre 1.9%
Composition. Key Ingredients:
  • Fish and fish by-products
  • Cereals
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Eggs
  • Vegetable products
  • Crustaceans
  • Yeast
  • Algae
  • Shellfish

Attractiveness for fish.

According to the manufacturer, when creating feed, more than 50 ingredients are used, which are combined in different kinds of 7. flakes. At the same time, they are so thin that they are practically transparent. And practically do not have a fishy smell. They smell rather dry bread for my taste. Like other feeds from this article, fish eat them with great pleasure. If flakes especially not to heat, then they can stay on the surface for quite a long time. So the feed is calculated, more likely for fish from the upper and middle layers of habitat.

Also in the company JBL claim that due to the correct phosphate content in the composition, the feed reduces the amount of algae and does not cause turbidity of the water.


The article describes flakes from leading German manufacturers, albeit at a basic level. Therefore, almost without a difference, which brand of food you choose. If you look on the Internet, at what factories are produced modern German feed, it becomes clear how high quality they will have flakes. Therefore, I do not really think about buying food, but I choose the best for my fish!

The only thing, as with other types of feeding, is also subject to the basic rules.

Feed 1-2 times a day if the fish are adults, and 3-4 times, if young. Give so much that the fish could eat in a few minutes. Do not overfeed! Fish will always portray themselves as hungry-do not believe them! It is better not to feed, than overfeed. From perekorma water spoils, which leads to illness and death of all living things in the aquarium. If the fish are adults and healthy, arrange once a week for a day off. That is, do not feed at all. Nothing bad will happen to them, only good will be. There is even a saying that "Hungry fish is a healthy fish!" But only if the fish is an adult! Fry and young fish, feed constantly!

Here you can read about the review of feed for fry of viviparous fish and about the first feed for newly hatched fry of many species of fish.

Sera Vipan and JBL NovoBaby fish foods can be seen in this image. Malmrjd food can be seen in this picture.

NovoBaby and Sera VipanBaby!

What to feed the fry of guppies, swordtail fishes, poecilias and molly fishes?

Fish food Sera Micron can be seen in this image. Fry for fry Sera micron can be seen in this picture.

Sera Micron Food! Personal experience of feeding fry!

There were fry in the aquarium? What food to choose in the early days?

Flakes for aquarium fish.
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