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Tetra Penguin (Thayeria Boehlkei) or Tayeriya Krivopolosaya: Contents!

   Tetra Penguin by its appearance it is very similar to an aquarium fish - neon black. About him I told in the first part of this  link.

Black Neon Tetra ( Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) and Tetra Penguin (Thayeria boehlkei) can be seen in this image. Black neon and tetra penguin are shown in this picture.
Tetra penguin (Thayeria boehlkei) and Tetra Neon black (Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi).

   Tetra Penguin, like tetra black neon, is a native of the tropical ponds of the river basin Amazon в of South America


   From the first, and sometimes from the second glance, it may seem that neon is black in front of us. Especially if they are kept in the same aquarium. From my own experience, I will say that when we were presented with 6 tetra fish and 6 neons, I could not count them exactly for a month. Firstly, they are very similar in color, secondly, they swim in the same flock, and thirdly, both are very mobile fishes.

   Tetra Penguin has an elongated body compressed laterally. Through the entire body passes a black band entering the caudal fin. But unlike tetra black neon, the strip bends at an angle downward on the tail of the fish. Because of this strip, most likely one of the names of the fish - tetra penguin.

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Tetra penguin aquarium fish can be seen in this image. Tetra penguin is depicted in this photo.
Tetra penguin and living plants.
🏒 They got their name, not because of the coloring of the penguins, although they are also very similar to them. And in honor of one of the most titled hockey teams performing in the NHL - Pittsburgh Penguins (Pittsburgh Penguins). And the black band on the body, much like a hockey stick.

   But in the manner of swimming, the fish really resemble penguins. The thing is that at the moment of rest, their body is angled upwards. It is believed that these fish have very developed tail muscles and they slightly outweigh. Yes, and the fish moves in jerky movements.

   Tetra Penguin - a very active schooling fish. It is desirable to contain a flock of 6 or more individuals. The size of the fish usually does not exceed 7 centimeters in length.

Thayeria boehlkei (tetra pinguin) can be seen in here. Tetra Penguin is depicted in this image.
Tetra Penguin.


   Tetra Penguin, unpretentious and very hardy fish. Can adapt to any water parameters. But if you want to make the conditions of detention ideal, it is better to imitate the aquarium water from the Amazon basin. This means that the so-called "black water" is desirable in the aquarium. The composition is mild, sour and with a lot of tannins in it. (As without any problems, create such a water in the aquarium, read here).

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   Water temperature is required 22 ° -28 ° C. The volume of the aquarium for a flock of fish from 70 liters. The flow must be weak or moderate. The light is muffled. (To obscure an aquarium, use plants floating on the surface, such as Pistia). 

Pistia stratiotes on water top can be seen in this image. Pistia on the surface of the water is depicted in this photo.
Pistia and "black water" in the aquarium.

   Also desirable is the presence of snags and thickets of living plants. On their background, the fish will look just awesome.


   Tetra Penguin - The fish is unpretentious and omnivorous. In a home aquarium eats all kinds of feeds: dry, live and frozen. The only thing, like with tetra neon, because of a small mouth, the food should not be large.


   In terms of compatibility, the fish also resemble neons. The main rules - neighbors in the aquarium should be peaceful and small in size, so as not to perceive the penguins as food. This is especially true for different types of catfish. Which, even at small sizes, have huge mouths. Yes, and they hunt mainly in the dark, when the rest of the inhabitants of the aquarium are sleeping.

Tetra pinguin (Thayeria boehlkei) can be seen in this image. Tetra penguin is presented in this picture.
Tetra Penguin.


   At the moment, fish from the wild are not exported. Therefore, all the tetras encountered on the market have already been born and adapted to the aquarium life.

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    I have recently fish, so I will not describe the breeding process yet. But according to information from the Internet, breeding penguins is not difficult. As soon as I can do this, I will definitely write and make a video.

Main conditions of keeping:
  • The volume of the aquarium from 70 liters.
  • The temperature is 22 ° -28 ° C.
  • The water is soft or medium hard.
  • The lighting is muffled.
  • Behavior and compatibility are peaceful.
  • Breeding is not difficult.

  Tetra Penguin or Taieriya curved (Thayeria boehlkei) is considered very hardy and can be recommended to beginner aquarium lovers.

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