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Food for Malka Sera Micron! Great Food for the First Days! (Not an advertisement!)

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In the life of every aquarist there comes a happy moment when fry appear in the aquarium. Be it fry of viviparous fish that are born ready for adult life, for example, fry of guppies, molines and swordsmen. Or fry, hatched from caviar, like a zebrafish or scalar.

So what kind of food to use on the first day of life?

Sera Micron food flakes and fry can be seen in this image. Dry lump and fry are shown in this picture.
Sera Micron on the surface of the water.

There are many different options than to feed the newborns in the aquarium. Someone grows up small microorganisms, the so-called “live dust”. Someone is preparing dry food himself, grinding it into dust from feed for adult fish. But that and the other option has disadvantages. In the first case - this is the time and smell in the house. In the second - the wrong composition of food for fry.

Experimenting with different feeding schemes for the fry, I settled on one of them. This scheme works for me on 100%. In the first days of feeding using food Sera Micron. Then I switch to live artemia (brine shrimp), grown at home. Without live brine shrimp (artemia), it is almost impossible to grow fish of some species of fish.

How to grow live artemia?

Why I choose Sera Micron?

Sera micron fish food can be seen in this image. Micron fry food is shown in this image.
Sera Micron macro shot.

Sera Micron - perfectly balanced feed not only for fry. But due to its composition, uneaten remains will be actively consumed by infusoria (Ciliophora). Or, as they are called - "living dust." Which serves as an excellent additional live food for fry. However, it does not need to be grown separately, which helps to avoid a specific odor in the house. And this food does not spoil the water in the aquarium with the fry. Yes, the water will turn green, but this is thanks to the spirulina microalga, in its composition.

It is even used to feed live Artemia crustaceans, which themselves serve as excellent food for fish.

❗Advice! The best way to kill your fry is to start feeding them with the usual egg yolk from a boiled egg. Yes, they will eat it, but the fact is that the egg yolk spoils water very badly. Water substitution will have to be done after each feeding. And it's not a fact that substitutions help. I never use it at all. And why, when there are many fodders specially designed for fish and fry. Egg yolk - the last century in aquariums!

Fry food Sera Micron. "Secret" composition.

What makes this food so perfect?

The composition of the feed selected ingredients, which fry usually feed in natural conditions.

First, the feed contains 50% spirulina.

Spirulina - one of the varieties of blue-green algae, which contains 65% protein in its composition! A record number! And also is a source of iron and vitamins of group B.

The feed also contains 16% krill, which is also a valuable source of protein, which is necessary for the rapid growth of fry.

Krill - the general name of small marine crustaceans, the meat of which is rich in amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.
Site logo amazonium.net with angelfish is depicted in this photo. Scalare logo can be seen on this image.
Other useful ingredients in the composition of the feed:

  • Shrimps
  • Fish flour
  • Wheat flour
  • alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
  • Nettle
  • Spinach
  • Algae Gematococus
  • Prebiotics
  • Brewer's yeast
  • Marine Algae
  • Omega 3 from the liver of fish (34%)
  • Gamarus
  • Modified egg yolk
  • Green mussels
  • Garlic

As we can see, the composition is very saturated. But if you want to further strengthen it, add a drop of special vitamins for fish. Sera fishtamin.

Fry food Sera Micron. How to feed? My experience.

In the first days of their lives, fry need very good nutrition. But since they are not very fast yet and they have not had time to develop hunting instincts, they should bring the food straight to the mouth. In other words, they just have to swim in the feed cloud. And if you just put food in an aquarium, it will simply float on the surface and the fry will remain hungry.

To deliver it to the fry, I use a special siphon with a rubber bulb. If this is not the case, then an ordinary plastic medical syringe will do.

Fish food Sera Micron can be seen in this image. Fry for fry Sera Micron is shown in this image.
Feed. Preparation.

Dilute food in a plastic cup, add a drop of vitamins, pick up a syringe and squeeze it directly into a flock of fry. To stimulate hunting instincts in fry, feed can be sent to the filter jet. So it will look more alive.

Sera Micron can be seen in this image. Sulfur micron is shown in this image.
Feeding fry.

When the fry will become active, small snails or shrimps can be planted in the aquarium. They will be happy to eat the remnants of food.

Sera Micron

Try, feed and fry will delight you with their beauty and health!

Around scalare fry can be seen in this image. Malek Scalyariya fish is depicted in this image.
Malek is a scalar.

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