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First Aid Tools! Aquarium Kit. My experience!

   As usually happens with animals, whether it be dogs, cats or fish, all misfortunes with them usually happen either at night or on weekends and holidays. Then, when all veterinary pharmacies and zoo shops are closed. And you start to panic. 

   Therefore, in order to avoid such moments, it is always desirable to have medicines in the house that can alleviate the suffering of your pets. At least for the first time.

Aquarium's fish treatments can be seen in this image. The treatments in the aquarium are shown in this image.
First Aid Equipment! Aquarist first aid kit.

Medicinal aquarium products. My experience!

   When you start a home aquarium, over time you begin to encounter various unpleasant situations occurring in it. Either the water becomes cloudy, the spot is found in the fish, then a white patina forms on the snags. Over time, you will learn to instantly recognize the problem and quickly fix it. This is called experience.

   When I started the first aquarium and launched the first fish, then after a while I found a white spot in one of Sterba's catfish (Corydoras sterbai). Which over time began to progress and increase in size.

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    Then I registered on various aquarium forums. I posted posts with photos and the question "What to do?". As a result, at the price of catfish in 3 €, I spent around 50 € on various drugs. He collected a collection of drugs and gained his first experience. 

   Then there was the fight with green water in the aquarium, bacterial flashes and other unpleasant surprises. And so that they would not take you by surprise, keep medicinal aquarium tools at home. Not necessarily a whole bunch. But there are a couple who just need to have on hand.

   Then I will give a list of my funds, with a brief description and comments from personal experience.

Corydoras sterbai can be seen in this image. The aquarium fish Corridoras Šterba is shown in this image.
Somik Shterba (Corydoras sterbai).

Aquarium products. My list.

Sera toxivec.

Sera toxivec can be seen in this image. Aquarium tool Sera toxivec can be seen in this picture.
Sera toxivec.

   If you woke up in the morning or came home from work and suddenly saw that something was wrong with the fish. And with everyone. They breathe heavily, swim near the surface, do not take food and look lethargic. This is the first sign of poisoning. Ammonia, nitrites, or other harmful chemical compounds. This usually happens from overfeeding, filter breakage or substitution for poor-quality water. And even if you don't have water tests, just fill in the water conditioner Sera toxivec.

Sera Toxivec


eSHa2000 for aquarium can be seen in this image. The eSHa aquarium can be seen in this image.

   In practice, with any changes in the appearance or behavior of an individual fish, you can try adding eSHa2000. Or apply it in a general aquarium.

   Perhaps this is one of the most popular and universal remedies for the treatment of a wide range of diseases in fish. As the manufacturer says, the tool is effectively against 18 various diseases in fish. Such as, various bacterial infections, fungi and protozoan parasites. For a more complete list of diseases, as well as a dose calculator, search the instructions at the link below. Maybe it is not as strong as others, but with the first symptoms it should help. 

! ️ When using any medicines in the aquarium, always read the instructions very carefully! Many plants, shrimp and snails do not tolerate medicines in the water and may die. Yes, and different types of fish tolerate drugs in different ways!

Sera Mycopur.

Sera Mycopur can be seen in this image. Means for the aquarium Sera Mycopur can be seen in this image.
Sera Mycopur.

   With all types of fungal diseases, it helps very well. Sera Mycopur. And I always use it to preserve eggs when breeding fish, against the defeat of the fungus. It works very efficiently. I recommend to everyone.

Sera Mycopur

Melafix or tea tree extract.

melaleuca oil or teatree oil can be seen in this image. Tea tree oil can be seen in this picture.
Tea tree extract

  With minor external injuries in fish, for example, fins and bites dangling in fights, it helps Melafix... Also, it is effective in the stress caused by the migration of fish, and strengthen their immunity. It is a completely natural and safe remedy based on Australian tea tree extract (Melaleuca alternifolia).

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   But since this tool is not cheap, I make it myself. Full analogue of the original. I recommend to everyone.

Melafix original
Melafix - analogue 

JBL OxyTabs.

Jbl oxy tabs for aquarium can be seen in this image. Oxygen tablets for the aquarium can be seen in this picture.
JBL OxyTabs.

   In case of emergency, such as a power outage, I always use oxygen pills. Of course, this is not the only way to turn off, but they help the fish to breathe for 8 hours. They are also very effective in transporting fish. Never had a problem. 

JBL OxyTabs

Disconnecting power in aquarium!

Aquarium agents. Conclusion.

   Now you can buy countless special aquarium tools. For almost every occasion and every problem. Here I have described only a few, but, in my opinion, the means really necessary in every home. If you have your first aid secrets, I will be glad to see them in the comments.

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