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Apistogram Ramirezi (Microgeophagus Ramirezi): Butterfly in the Aquarium! + Breeding!

Ramirezi's apistogram, or as it is also affectionately called, is a butterfly apistogram, although it belongs to dwarf cichlids, but its behavior is very different from them. Usually, all cichlids are quite aggressive, territorial, spoiling plants and digging ground fish. The only exception is probably the scalar, discus and apistogram. But if rather large aquariums are necessary for the first two, then medium, and even small volumes are suitable for ramiresi. They do not dig the ground, are indifferent to the plants and are absolutely peaceful towards other inhabitants of the aquarium. All their aggression is reduced only to harmless intimidation by males of each other during mating games. Ramirezi's apistogram is almost an ideal fish, even for beginner aquarists. True, there are several specific conditions for its maintenance and breeding.

Ram cichlid (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) can bee seen in this image. Ramirezi-aquarium fish is shown in this picture.
Apistogram Ramirezi (Microgeophagus Ramirezi)

Apistogram Ramirezi. Keeping.

Like a great number of wonderful tropical fish, the butterfly apistogram appeared in our aquariums from the waters of South America.

The body of the fish has an oval shape and a very bright color. Males in aquariums reach 7 centimeters, females are usually smaller and grow to about 5 centimeters. Also now you can find a huge number of artificially derived forms and colors. Gold and blue color, voile forms and the form of "balloon".

Blue gold baloon and long fin ram cichlid (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) can be seen in this image. The blue, gold, veil shape and body shape of the "balloon" of the fish with the name Apistogram Ramirezi is shown in this image.
Apistogram Ramirezi. Kinds.

In order not to delve into the chemical indicators of water, I will say only that the fish prefer fairly warm, to + 28 ° C, and clean water. Yes, in such warm water the lifespan of the fish will somewhat decrease, since all the processes in the body will go faster. But they will be less sick and their behavior will become even more vivid and interesting.

✅ Advice. All artificially derived forms are obtained by closely related crossing. In addition, hormones are often used to enhance the coloration of fish. Such fish have weakened immunity and usually die in a couple of months after purchase. Therefore, buy these fish only from proven sellers!

Apistogram Ramirezi. Breeding! Personal experience!

Male and female. Differences.

With good conditions, one day, you can accidentally find this kind in your tank, as in the photo below. Know that you have a holiday and it's time to think about breeding fry! True, in the general aquarium, they will be able to guard the eggs, no more than two hours. Therefore, if we want to get fry, then we need to pick up the spawn and put it in a separate aquarium.

Apistogramma Ramirezi male with eggs can be seen in this image. The aphistogram of ramirez, male and caviar are presented in this photograph.
Apistogram Ramirezi (Microgeophagus Ramirezi)/Male

Of course, a couple of fish can be planted in advance for spawning. First, we need to learn how to properly distinguish a male from a female. Over time, you will learn and will do it without fail. The photo below shows a female and a male. Here is how they differ. Orange nose is only in males. A pink belly and sparkles around the black spot on the body, only in females.

Ram cichlid female and male can be seen in this image. Apistogram Ramirezi male and female are depicted in this image.
Apistogram Ramirezi (Microgeophagus Ramirezi). Female (left) and male

Fish eggs in a separate aquarium. What to do next?

The first thing we need to do is correctly transfer the eggs to a separate aquarium. The fact is that oxygen in the open air is a strong oxidizer, and it is impossible that the caviar would come into contact with it during transport. Otherwise it will turn white and die. Therefore, the leaf with caviar is cut off and placed under the water in a mug. Then a mug of water is transferred to a separate aquarium and, again under water, we fix the leaf, that would not float up. I use an artificial plant and plastic clamp.

Leaf with fish eggs can be seen on this picture. A leaf with caviar is depicted in this photo.
Apistogram Ramirezi (Microgeophagus Ramirezi) Caviar

Water in the new aquarium use the one in which the caviar was before. With the same chemical composition and temperature. Next to the caviar we install a nebulizer with air, but so that air bubbles do not come into contact with it. So the caviar will be blown over and saturated with oxygen. In nature, parents create a stream of water for this with the help of pectoral fins.

Since the caviar of the apistogram is rather tender and susceptible to infection with a fungus, we need to protect it.

To do this, firstly, gradually raise the temperature to 30-32 ° С. At such temperatures, the roe ripens much faster and the fungus just does not have time to spoil it. And secondly, we add a very good remedy for the fungus. Sera Mycopur. From the calculation of 1 drop for every 2 liters of the aquarium volume. I do not turn off the light, even at night. Although some aquarists caviar obscure.

When the whole system is set up, we just have to wait and periodically remove whitened eggs. To do this, I use a toothpick and tweezers, as in the photo below.

Sera Mycopur
Special tool for removing died aquarium fish eggs can be seen in this image. A special device for removing dead caviar in an aquarium can be seen in this photo.
Device for removing dead caviar.

Apistogram Ramirezi. The appearance of larvae.

Depending on the water temperature, after about a couple of days, you will notice movement on the sheet with caviar. The larvae begin to hatch. They have special flagella, tail-like, with which they will stick to everything in the aquarium. At this time, in order to avoid a jump in chemical parameters such as ammonia (link) и nitrites (link), put in an aquarium unpretentious fast-growing and not requiring a ground of a plant. pistia, ricia and hornwort. They will not only maintain the balance, but also “live dust” will be introduced in them, which will be additional food for the fry. And do not forget to change the water to fresh, the same temperature. I do daily, but by a little bit. Percentage of 10-15%. If you are not sure about the quality of tap water, use a kitchen table jug filter. Or add a conditioner to the substitute water Sera Aquatan. It instantly makes tap water ideal for keeping fish.

When the fry will become active, small snails can be planted in an aquarium (Pomacea bridgesii). They very well eat up the remains of feed and dead shrimp of Artemia and do not allow water to deteriorate.

Hornwort - an indispensable assistant in the aquarium!
Sera Aquaso

Apistogram Ramirezi. Feeding the fry.

rAm cichlids youn can be seen in this image. The apistogram of ramirezi young fish is shown in this image.
Juvenile teens

Fry begin feeding when they begin to swim freely. The ideal food for the first days of life, I think Sera Micron It does not spoil water, it is well eaten and thanks to it, additional food “live dust” develops in water. Just breed Sera Micron in water, and using a disposable syringe, inject into the cluster of fry.

Of course, you can do and breeding ciliates, for example. But why do we need extra complexity and smells in the house.

But the live breeding brine shrimp, it is worth doing. Since in a few days it will be practically impossible to feed the fry without it and they will die. It is not difficult to breed artemia at home. And you can read about my articles or see my videos.

Sera micron
Artemy at home! It's simple!
Artemy at home! It's simple!
✅ Advice! Do not feed the fry with egg yolk, as recommended in some forums. You will quickly spoil the water and the fry will perish.

Ram cichlid. A little about the diseases and their treatment.

The stores often sell fish brought from afar. From the change of conditions and quality of water, their immunity is weakened and they start to hurt. Plus, various decorative forms with hormonal injections also do not shine with excellent health.

But in the treatment of apistogram there is one trick. If your fish suddenly became ill, to begin with, try dropping it out and gradually raising the temperature to 30-32 ° С. Apistograms, thermophilic tropical fish and will easily transfer such temperature. But many bacteria and parasites, it will not survive. You can also add the drug to the water. eSHa2000. It is universal and treats almost all diseases at once.

But sometimes the fish still die for no apparent reason. This may be due to the end of the action of hormonal drugs in their body.


Apistogram Ramirezi is a wonderful aquarium fish, which is suitable for both experienced aquarists and beginners with small aquariums. And if you managed to breed a scalar, then with ramirezi no difficulties will arise!

Ram cichlid can be seen in this image. The apistogram of ramirez in the aquarium is depicted in this image.
Apistogram Ramirezi (Microgeophagus Ramirezi) / Female

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