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Aeration in the Aquarium and Power Outage! Shock! Solutions to the Problem!

Almost all living organisms on the planet earth need oxygen to sustain life. The only exceptions are “harmful” anaerobic bacteria that do not need oxygen. But fish, shrimp, snails and “beneficial” bacteria in the aquarium, on the contrary, very much need oxygen. AND aeration - a system of saturation or supply of oxygen to the aquarium in all possible ways. But the fact is that almost all the systems in the aquarium now work and depend on electricity. And if suddenly it was turned off, panic begins.

Aeration and power outage! Panic!

Only in the last week two people have encountered such a problem and asked how to be and what to do in such a situation. We are so accustomed to and confident in the uninterrupted system of electricity supply, that when it is turned off, we just panic. This happened in our home. And I was also at work at the time! But my wife and I successfully coped with that situation. At that time, I tried to thoroughly examine this issue in order to be prepared for such situations. And he discovered a lot of new and interesting things about how to deliver oxygen to our aquarium.

In general, stop panicking, read the article further and solve the problem!

What will happen in an aquarium if electricity is turned off in the house?

If you turn off the electricity for a short time, for example, for a couple of hours, then nothing bad will happen. But if longer, then everything is very individual. Each aquarium is so unique that all processes will occur at different speeds. And if one, for example, the absence of lighting, has practically no effect on life in the aquarium. That disable filtering, and most importantly aerationIt can spoil the biological and chemical balance in your tank very much. After all, oxygen is necessary not only for fish, but also for bacteria that live in the filter. But without oxygen, other bacteria, which will begin to process relatively safe nitrates back into dangerous ones, will take over nitrites.

Chemical balance
Nitrite in the aquarium! Danger!

What will affect the speed of the negative processes in the aquarium, when the electricity is cut off?

1. The volume of the aquarium.

Everything is simple. The larger the volume of the aquarium, the easier it is to maintain balance. In large aquariums and the water surface area is larger. And as we know, it is during the vibrations of the water surface that oxygen saturation of the water occurs. Consequently, it will be much easier for fish to survive an unfavorable period.

2. The density of the aquarium population.

The more inhabitants in your aquarium, the more important will be the aeration in your aquarium. And the more destructive will be its absence.

3. Presence of living plants.

The more living plants in your aquarium, the less power outage will affect your aquarium. In the daytime, plants excrete oxygen and aeration water occurs naturally. But at night, plants, on the contrary, begin to consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

4. Species composition of the aquarium.

There are aquarium fish, for example catfish from the genus corridor (corydoras)which have double breathing and are able to breathe with both the gills and air from the surface of the water. In this case, their oxygen is absorbed through the digestive tract.

And there are labyrinth fishes, in which there is a special organ in which air from the surface, through the capillaries, enters immediately into the blood. They developed such a peculiarity, precisely because of the poor quality of water with a low oxygen content in their habitats. Bright representatives of the maze are all beloved gurus (Trichogaster)cockerels (Betta splenders), and laliuses (Colisa lalia).

It is clear that for such fish, aeration less important than for the rest of the aquarium.

Aeration without electricity!! Ways to solve the problem!

In the modern world of aquariums, many solutions have been devised to protect aquariums when power is cut off. From professional and expensive, to very unpretentious and budgetary.

Alternative sources of supply for air supply to the aquarium.

It is clear that if you are a professional aquarist and you have a huge fish farm, then you cannot do without an additional generator and powerful batteries. But similar solutions were invented for home aquariums.

Aquarium fish farm can be seen in this image. An aquarium fish farm is shown in this image.
Aquarium Farm!

Air compressors that do not need a socket.

When we turned off the electricity, I started looking for solutions on the Internet, and I found many new solutions that I had never even guessed before. One of them - compressors, working without a socket.

Aeration from sunlight.

Solar air pump can be seen in this image. The compressor on the solar battery is shown here.
Aeration from the sunlight.

According to the manufacturer, the compressor will be able to work 20 hours on full charge. Charges as from solar energy, so with a socket or USB cable.

Price: 20 € See description for this link.

Aeration from the compressor with charging.

Rechardeable air pump for aquarium can be seen in this image. The air compressor for the aquarium is shown in this image.
Aeration from the compressor with charging.

A simpler option than the previous one. Charging from a power outlet or USB and provide the aquarium with air for 10 hours.

Price: 14 €. You can see for this link.

Mini USB compressor for aquarium.

Usb airpump for aquarium can be seen in this image. A USB-powered aquarium compressor is shown in this image.
Mini USB compressor for aquarium.

Interesting portable compressor for the aquarium. It does not have a built-in battery and works from any USB connection. During a power outage, you can connect, for example, to a laptop or an external battery for smartphones and provide oxygen to the aquarium for a while. And it is also very convenient when transporting fish in a car. Now almost all cars have a separate USB output. Or connect using the adapter through the cigarette lighter.

Price: 6 € Link.

Air compressor for the aquarium on batteries.

Aquarium air pump with battery can be seen in this image. The battery-powered air compressor for the aquarium is visible in this photo.
Mini USB compressor for aquarium.

This compressor is powered by two batteries. And it will be able to provide the aquarium with aeration up to 10 hours.

Price: 4 €. Reviews are good. You can buy at link.

Aeration by means of chemistry.

Jbl oxy tabs for aquarium can be seen in this image. Oxygen tablets for the aquarium can be seen in this picture.
Chemistry aeration.

Many manufacturers now have special oxygen tablets. Which are usually used for transportation of fish in bags. The principle is that you throw a dry tablet into the water and, for 8 hours, it gradually saturates it with oxygen. This is the way we were saved during an emergency power outage. Just draped the pills, according to the volume of the aquarium. Including inside the filter for "useful" bacteria.

JBL OxyTabs

A method from my childhood.

During my childhood, there were not only rechargeable compressors, but even ordinary compressors were not all. Therefore, we took the camera from the sports ball and pumped it with a pump. On the hose put the air supply regulator from the medical dropper and thus used in the aquarium.

In emergency cases, this method is useful now. Instead of the camera from the ball, you can use all that can be inflated. A solid ball, a floating mattress or an air mattress for a bedroom. Attach the air hose and plastic regulator is not difficult.

✅ Advice! Do not inflate the camera with light. In exhaled air there is little oxygen, but a lot of carbon dioxide. Use the pump!
Air ball for use in aquarium can be seen in this image. The rubber tank with air for the aquarium is shown in this image.
Aeration method in an aquarium from my childhood.

What to do if you did not have anything at all emergency power outages?

In this case, leave the cover of the aquarium open and periodically make water changes. Preferably at the maximum allowed for your fish, cool water. So the warmer the water, the less oxygen in it. This way you will avoid jumps ammonia и nitrites aquarium. You can break the balance, but save the favorite inhabitants of the aquarium. And this is the main thing in this situation!

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