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Vacation and Aquarium! How not to Ruin a Fish! Basic rules and tips!

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Summer is coming and many aquarium lovers have gathered on vacation. But, as with any pet, with the fish there is the same problem. How and with whom to leave them? And what you need to know, that would not spoil your vacation. But believe that with an aquarium, there are a lot less problems than with the same dog, cat or parrot.

If the aquarium was launched a long time ago and a chemical or biological balance has already been established in it, then not much is needed for its normal operation. (What is the balance of the aquarium, you can read on this link.) There are two main issues that need to be addressed before you go on vacation. The first question is the maintenance of the aquarium. And the second is feeding fish, shrimp and other underwater inhabitants during your absence.

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Vacation and aquarium! Basic rules and advice.

Vacation. Maintenance of the aquarium.

In the modern world, with its high technologies, to ensure the autonomous operation of the aquarium for a couple of weeks, is not difficult. The main thing that we need is electricity. From it works filtering, aeration and light. With the first two, everything is clear, turned on and forgotten.

⚠️The filter and air compressor can not be switched off for a long time, for example overnight. This threatens the death of beneficial bacteria and the disruption of chemical balance. And this can lead to illnesses and even death of aquarium inhabitants!

The only thing that remains for us to solve in technical terms is the issue of lighting. And if for the fish, lighting is not important, it is important for plants. If the light does not turn on, the plants will die. If you leave it on, algae will grow. And then a simple and inexpensive device with a name - timer will help us. There are very simple models, but I use a digital display. In it, you can set almost unlimited number of inclusions and shutdowns per day and for a period of seven days a week. Very comfortably. And it will be useful not only for the time of vacation, but also in the further everyday life. You can buy on Aliexpress, for example, for this link . And also in any electric goods store.

Timer for aquarium can be seen on this image. The timer for turning aquariums on and off is shown in this image.
The aquarium timer is shown in this picture. Timer for aquarium can be seen in this image.
timer (2)

Vacation and feeding of your fishes.

In theory, adult fish can do without food for two weeks. But this is only theoretically, and depends on many factors. For example, it depends on the type of fish. Mollies and guppies will quietly eat green fouling from the aquarium glass. But the young fish just do not stretch so much time without food. And fry generally need to be fed five times a day. And if you keep predatory fish species, then most likely the weaker ones will be eaten by the stronger ones.

But there are several ways to solve the problem of feeding the fish for the holidays. If you have an acquaintance who likes aquariums, or a relative who understands this business, then you can entrust this business to him. It is better not to trust people far from aquariums. The fact is that it will seem to them that your fish are always hungry. And, on your return, you will get water spoiled from overfeeding. Or you can pack yourself in volumetric cups, and strictly order to comply with these standards.

The second way is to install an automatic feeder in the aquarium. Now they sell a huge number of different models. But the principle of work is the same for everyone. Like a timer to turn the lights on and off. You program for a definite feeding time, you fall asleep for a suitable feed and forget about the problem.

automatic fish feeder for aquarium can be seen in this image. The automatic feeder for feeding aquarium fish is shown in this picture.
Automatic Feeder!
As these feeders work on batteries, you need to monitor their quality. Otherwise your fishes risk being left hungry.

The only disadvantage of this method is the price of these feeders. And if the Chinese can be found at a price, about Euro 10-12, for example, for this linkthen branded will cost you much more.

Holiday food for aquarium fishes can be see in this image. Vacation food for fish is shown in this image.
Vacation and feeding of your fishes.

And one more, in my opinion, the most budget option. Use special feed. (In the photo above.) They are from all well-known manufacturers, and they have a similar operating principle. Most often they are made in the form of multi-layer tablets or compressed blocks. With very slow dissolution. And the fish can only get to the upper layer and not eat too much. According to the manufacturers, these foods contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. They can provide food for 14 days and at the same time do not spoil the water at all.

Water substitution.

I almost forgot about another important question. What to do with water changes during the holidays?

If you are going to 7-10 days, then especially nothing will be necessary. Just replace some of the water before you travel, and upon return. If the trip lasts longer, you can add a means to stabilize the balance. for example Tetra Easy Balance. As the manufacturers assure, it stabilizes the balance until 6 months. And repeatedly increases the intervals between water changes. So at 2 weeks, water and fish will be exactly safe!

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