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Aquarium Resun (DM-400). Review and Launch Over 2 Hours! Find out how!

Aquarium RESUN DM-400. Overview.

With personal photos and videos !!!

Recently I went to a zoo store for ice cream Cyclops and bloodworms. And accidentally got on the sale of aquarium sets RESUN DM-400. At a regular price of 106 €, the discount price was 39 € per aquarium with a black lid and 44 € for a light gray aquarium. After a cursory examination and comparison of prices for similar products in online stores, and after consulting with his wife, it was decided to purchase. Moreover, it almost perfectly fit in the interior, both in color and size. Thus, at the price of an empty aquarium, we got an excellent set. Where the main component is certainly its super convenient filter.

Aquarium Resun 400 with fishes can be seen on this photo. Resun 400 aquarium with fish and plants can be seen in this photo.
Aquarium Resun DM-400. Review and launch!
Tip: Before buying anything at a pet store, be it fish, plants or equipment, and if you are not sure of anything at 100%, always consult Google or Yandex. Otherwise, as I already wrote, a pretty striped catfish, in six months or a year will grow up to 30 centimeters in length, and will destroy all your aquarium population

So what is the RESUN DM-400 aquarium?

The body of the aquarium is completely made of plastic. That is, there is no glass at all in it. It is not yet clear how such a decision will affect scratch resistance, time will tell. But in the foreground there are completely no seams with silicone, and the corners are made rounded. And the weight of the aquarium, whose volume is 32 liters, is much lighter than glass analogues. The top cover has a completely water-proof mount for an energy-saving light bulb with an ordinary E27 base. Over time, it will be easy to replace LED lighting.

Great filter!

But the biggest, or rather even huge, advantage of this aquarium is that its filter is located above the water and is closed by the same, top cover. It turns out, as it were, an external filter for such a small volume, but the circulation of water occurs above the capacity itself and there are no such risks of leaks as with conventional external filters. At the same time it is quite impressive in size, but does not steal useful space in fish, and does not spoil the appearance. In the bundle to the filter there are only 2 pieces of sintepon, but you can fill the tank with anything, from bio-ceramics to various sponges.

The filter itself is designed as a bottom. That is, a plastic grill is installed on the bottom, with a tube attached to it. And the whole process of filtration is through the ground. But this method of filtering has many drawbacks. Firstly, it is not useful for plants, since all nutrients will simply be washed out and sucked from the roots. Secondly, if there is a clogging of the lattice or holes for the tube, then to get to the bottom, you have to drain the water, catch all the inhabitants, dig out the plants and pull out the entire soil. That is a complete restart of the aquarium. Therefore, I refused this and in a couple of minutes I changed the water intake for the usual type of use (how? read on). A lattice from the bottom simply removed. And this added to us 5 centimeters of useful volume. Continuous plus solutions!

Also I want to note that the filter in this aquarium is very convenient to service. Just opened the lid and do whatever you want. And unlike other manufacturers, when servicing this filter, no dirt gets into the water. Simply brilliant solution!

Aquarium RESUN 400. Launch in 2 hours!

At once I will make a reservation, such method approaches, if at you or your friends, already there is a started aquarium.
For a quick start, we need only the soil, filter media, plants and another aquarium.

To begin with, thoroughly wash and stack the primer.

Insert the bulb into the cartridge. By the way, it is not necessary to unscrew the screws from the inside of the cover in order to get to the cartridge, as I did. From the outside there is an additional window with ventilation holes, which is simply opened with the fingers.

The next step is to rework and prepare the filter. Since I refused to filter the bottom, I first truncated the tube from the bottom. For this, I used a saw for metal.

❗Tip: If you need to saw off plastic tubing for the filter or make holes in them, and you do not have a saw or drill in your house, use any unnecessary knife or nail and gas stove. Heat a knife or nail on an open fire plate and cut it like clockwork!

I found myself ending from another filter that fit perfectly in diameter. If this is not, just make holes in the tube and seal the end with silicone. Since we will use the aquarium for fry, we will additionally be wrapped with a fine mesh so that they do not suck into the filter.

Now we fill the inside of the filter with ceramic rings, bio balls and pieces of sponges. We need them to resettle colonies of beneficial bacteria in the filter. I bought all fillers on Aliexpress, follow these links.

Ceramic rings for bio filterа- link!

Bio Balls- link!

Sponge for filter- link!

Syntepon for coarse cleaning- link!

The next step is to populate the filter with live useful bacteria. To do this, you can use such tools as, for example, Sera Bio Nitrivec. This tool already contains colonies of live bacteria. But if you or your friends have another, already running aquarium, you can take bacteria from there for free. Just take a few ceramic rings from the old filter and put it in a new one. And also squeeze the contents of the sponge directly on the ceramic rings.

Next, we collect the filter and insert it into the right place. Since the motor is on top of the aquarium, do not turn on the filter until the aquarium is completely filled, otherwise it will burn without water.

Pour 2 / 3 parts of the volume with water from old aquariums. We plant the plants and install the heater. The heater, by the way, did not go in the kit and this is a minus. Add 1 / 3 volume with fresh water and turn on the filter and light. We look how everything works, we check the temperature, we start the fish.

Enjoy the work done !!!

Further see the video of the whole process !!
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