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Guppies With Anomaly or How I Suspected Carpoyed (Argulus). Shock!

Prehistory of panic!

Once, with successful breeding of an angelfish and their subsequent sale, I met an experienced aquarist from our city. He has been engaged in fishes since the times of the Soviet Union. And in his apartment the aquariums stand in the whole wall, with a total volume of more than one ton. So, when I was his guest, he “slept” various fish in my path. Young pearl gourami, petsyli, molines and among them was one very pregnant female guppy. At home, I immediately put her in a very convenient otsadnik, approximately the same as for this link. And where she literally gave birth in a couple of days. Well, gave birth and gave birth. The mug caught the fry and transplanted a liter aquarium into the 18. The aquarium was launched specially for them and with other fish, or the plants did not have any contact. Some time passed. The fries successfully grew up and began to look like fish.

And then one day I noticed that to one fry, it seemed like something stuck to the stomach. With a rather impressive size, relative to the fish. Just like in the movie “ALIEN”.

And a week before, I just accidentally watched a video on Youtube, where they showed fish infected with karpoids. And my little man was very much like a fish with a sucker karpoedom, only small.

Fish infected with carpoeids can be seen in this snapshot. The fish with Argulus can be seen on this picture.

Argulos, karpoed or fish louse.

A small crustacean who tracks down the victim in the form of fish, attaches to it, pierces the skin and drinks blood. Fish can die from exhaustion with time. Plus, by damaging the skin, the carpoeid opens the gate for bacterial and fungal infections. Remove them either with tweezers, or etched with chlorophos or carbophos.


Quickly caught a fish and set it in a mug. And he began to think what to do. The most interesting thing is that I could not understand where the parasite could have appeared from a practically sterile aquarium with fry.
He laid the fry on a saucer and photographed it with a phone.
An anomaly in fish guppies in development, is depicted in this picture. Guppy fish with anomaly can be seen on this picture.

On various forums and in groups I began to upload a photo with the tags "Help!" And "Help identify the parasite!"

There were a lot of tips and suggestions, but they helped only in the live-bearer group Facebook.

It turns out to be an anomaly in viviparous fish, and is called the "Siamese twin." That is, it is not a parasite, but his premature brother turned out to be. And there is such an anomaly in viviparous, not so rare. According to people who are professionally involved in guppies, about one case on 100 fish. In addition to appearance, it does not affect their development, they can live to old age and even give birth.

To celebrate the disclosure of the secret, he called the person from whom he took the fish. He was very surprised and said that he had never seen such a phenomenon in his entire life. And I got it the first time.

I didn’t really want to raise such a fry, but it wasn’t very humane to pour into the toilet, so I chose the middle option and let it go to the general aquarium. I think it will survive among the scalar, which means it will live. Others sometimes survive. But unfortunately, or fortunately, the next morning I did not find him.

So, if you meet something similar in your tank with a guppin, do not panic! :)

Here are other photos and videos with similar deviations:

Guppy with anomaly can be seen in here.
Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) with an anomaly!
Guppy with anomaly can be seen in this image. Guppy with an anomaly is depicted in this picture.
Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) with an anomaly! (Xnumx)

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Guppy with anomaly !!! Guppy with the anomaly "Siamese twin."
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