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Driftwood, Coconuts and Stones in the Aquarium (No. 2 Coconut!). How to Prepare!

If you have an aquarium with shrimps or fish that love shelters, the quickest, easiest and budget option is to use coconuts in the aquarium. They are also suitable for small fish with suckers, such as antsistrusov, which simply need a snag in the aquarium for digestion, but you don’t have one yet. (How to choose snags, read here).

Coconuts, coconuts or “сoconuts” in English, grow on coconut palm trees. The name is derived from the Portuguese word "coco", which translates as "monkey." And if you look at the next video, about how to collect coconuts, it becomes clear why. Here the truth is in the main role of a man :))

Where to get and how to make coconuts for an aquarium?

1. You can buy an expensive processed and already prepared for the aquarium coconut in a specialized store or on Internet sites. But prices sometimes are sky-high. Especially made a screenshot of one European online store, what would you be surprised at the prices along with me. I do not know, maybe this decoration is made of pure gold and painted under a nut, but you can not buy for such money !!!
A screenshot of the prices for the scenery from the Grednian nut tree is depicted in this photo. Printscreen with prices for coconut decoration can be seen on this picture.

2. You can buy cheap on Aliexpress, for example, here at these links




The minus of this option is the long waiting time for the package with the goods, and the inability to choose the exact form that you are planning.

3. The simplest and cheapest way I use is to make the scenery and coconut myself.

We go to any more or less decent supermarket and buy a nut of the appropriate shape or size. The price, on average, 1 euros apiece. For this money you will receive an ornament for the aquarium, a delicious meal, you will have a drink of coconut milk, and with its taste, as in the advertisement "Baunty", you will be transferred to a sunny tropical beach


How to prepare a shell? My experience.

For starters, you can pierce a coconut with something sharp, such as an awl, a screwdriver, or drill a hole in one of the three points of attaching the nut to a tree, and drain the coconut milk. Next, about in your head we draw a plan of what form we want to get a shelter for the aquarium design. After that I use a drill for large holes (pictured). Usually it is used for drilling holes for rosettes in the rigs. You can buy in any building supermarket. It is not expensive. You can select either a single drill or a whole set, as in link.
cocos shell and drill can be seen in this image. Coconut shell and a drill are depicted in this picture.

After this, you can try to get the edible internals with a knife. And you can take a hacksaw or electric jigsaw and cut a nut in accordance with your ideas. Whatever the fish are not injured, sharp edges can be walked by sandpaper.

Coconut shell initially has a negative buoyancy, that is, it drowns in water without treatment. But I before laying, boiling for an hour just in case. Although, when boiling, the color of the coconut becomes almost black. But I love dark colors in the aquarium, with them any fish looks more effective, so this method suits me. But after cooking, it almost immediately stops painting water. At some forums I read that people soak shells in a week, or even two. Sense in this I do not see absolutely. I put the coconut in an aquarium with very small fry and shrimps, and everyone was alive and happy.

I also do not clean rags from the surface of the nut. First, it looks much more natural, and in the second fish and shrimp themselves you will eventually polish it.

And the last ...

If you want to fix moss on the surface of the coconut, anubias or ricia, as in my photos, then drill small holes on the top of the nut and when you sew "sew" the plants with a fishing line. For an example, see below pictures from our aquariums.
riccia and coconut can be seen in here.
shrimp and coconut can be seen in here.
coconut and scalare can be seen in this image. Scalaria and coconut are shown in this image.

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