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Krinum Kalamistratum (Crinum Calamistratum): Unusual Alien in Your Aquarium!

Krinum wavy in our aquarium is shown in this picture. Crinum Calamistratum in our aquarium can be seen on this photo. As soon as, a year ago, we had the first aquarium Juwel Vision 180, and I began to think about how to arrange it and what plants to plant, I came across a photo with an interesting aquarium plant, Crinum calamastritum. I fell in love with him at first sight, and when I also read about its contents in the aquarium, I realized that he was simply obliged to settle with us.

The thing is that despite its unusualness and seemingly, at first glance, complexity of content, the plant is quite unpretentious and will suit even a novice. He does not need nor expensive carbon dioxide supply systems CO2, neither super soils with nutritious substrates, nor the intricate compositions of aquarium fertilizers. Krinum kalamistratum, or as it is also called, wavy or curly, is a plant in an aquarium that just needs good light and an established chemical (bio) balance. (What is chemical balance, read in my other post on this link). And to fulfill such conditions in our time any novice aquarium amateur can.

Who is Crinum (Crinum calamistratum) and where is its birthplace.

Kreenum Kalastratum, an aquarium plant that can be seen in this photo. Crinum calamistrftum at the river can be seen on this picture.
Krinum Kalamistratum (Crinum calamistratum) in a river. N1 photo
Crinum at the nature can be seen in this image. Krinum in nature is visible in this photo.
Krinum Kalamistratum (Crinum calamistratum) in a river. N2 photo

A fairly large number of plants belong to the genus Crinum. Their distinctive feature is the presence of a bulb. Because of this, Krinum wavy is sometimes called the African onion. Most of them are terrestrial plant and quite impressive in size. In aquariums, there are mainly 3 types of Krinums. Floating Crinum (Crinum natans), Purple Crinum (Crinum purpurascents) and our undisputed leader - Crinum kalamistratum or wavy (Crinum calamistratum) Krinum undulating came to us from Central Africa. And judging by the first scientific record about him from 1948, for the first time he came to Europe from the region Kumba в Cameroon.

In this region, there are many drying reservoirs in the dry season. And at first it was believed that Krinum wavy can do without water. But later this theory was refuted.

Appearance and conditions of detention.

Krinum wavy, shot using macro in my aquarium <is shown in this image. The leaf of aquarium plant Crinum can be seen on this image. The main distinguishing feature, of course, are its leaves. Long, thin with a wavy fringe on the sides, which is clearly visible in my photo taken with macro photography. Leaves, similar to the tentacles of alien alien, eventually envelop the entire aquarium and often becoming the main element of design.

According to other sources that Krinum allegedly needs soft water with support CO2, temperature conditions in 20-28 ° C, and moderate lighting. From my personal experience I’ll say that somehow I don’t especially follow him, CO2 I don’t have any nutrient substrates, and I rarely fertilize. This is due to the fact that any fertilizer can easily upset the balance in the aquarium, which will contribute to the outbreak of algae. And those, settling on the leaves, are rather harmful neighbors not only to Krinum, but also to any other plant in the aquarium. Yes, and the appearance you can spoil thoroughly. So I would not say that keeping Krinum curly is harder than keeping Cryptocarina, Echinodorus, or Valisneria. The only thing I recommend is to remember that the plant is quite large and does not like transplants. Therefore, you should immediately think about a place based on your future design and not plant it close to the walls of the aquarium. Krinum wavy grows quite slowly, therefore, it reproduces quite rarely. And he does this with the help of daughter bulbs, which sometimes are very many.

The flower of the aquarium plant, Krinum wavy, is shown in this image. The flower of aquarium plant Crinum Calamistratum can be seen on this image.And, under favorable conditions, Crinum kalamistratum begins to bloom. Fires an arrow and a beautiful flower is formed above the surface. And he will do it quite often, at intervals of a couple of months. In short, where you do not look, solid pluses from the plant. The only negative is the price. In Europe, on average, around 10 €. But it's worth it and I recommend it to everyone.

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