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Nematoda in the Aquarium: A Personal Fighting Experience! Be the first to know!

About the author!

This story happened in fact and happened in one of the aquariums in Daugavpils, Latvia. (Daugavpils, Latvia.) At the skilled aquarist and the fan of all alive, Ekaterina Sadovsk. Ask questions and chat on "fish" can here и here в facebook.

Nematodes in the aquarium-the history of the struggle!

Symptoms of the disease in fish!

The photo shows an antsrus aquarium fish that is infected with nematodes. Ancistrus is infected by nematodas can be seen on this picture. And so, the situation:

She launched the aquarium, gradually filled it with different inhabitants. (scalars (Scalare), gourami (Gourami), apistorgramy electrician (electric ram cichlid), calamo yacht (Calamoichthys calabaricus), Antsistruses (Ansitrus), neons (Neon tetra)). The set is the same, but they lived peacefully.

There were probably a lot of mistakes made, as befits a beginner, but that's not the point. After a while I noticed that some fishes gradually lose weight and, at the same time, are emptied with white-transparent mucus, which could reach impressive length. (In one scalar, over time, a red bundle of something from the anus became visible). Almost everyone "itches" as not normal about everything (soil, decor, plants). And 1-2 days before death they become lethargic and swim near the surface of the water, often "breathing".
Symptoms are quite blurry and common. I searched a bunch of articles, tests about how the fish got sick. I came to different options (as it turned out to be wrong). As a result, I treated everything I could ( Sera Costapur, Sera Baktopur, Sera BaktopurDirect (from Sera BaktopurDirect fish often die, I have 2 scalares and catfish (antsitrus, ancistrus) could not stand the treatment)) and eSHa2000 (and after the eSHoXNUMX ( eSHa2000) the ampullaries fall into a week's comedy on 2, but then gradually come to life.))

The nematode is depicted in this photo. Nematoda can be seen on this picture. Then after some, then after some other medicines some fish became better for a while, but then everything started again. At the same time, a number of plants were cut off. Although the producers of EshaXNUMX (eSHa2000) write that it does not affect plants.
In general, it lasted about 6 months. By this time, such a problem was found in a friend (who is far from a beginner in aquarium art), and in the group on facebook a couple of times flashed something similar.
When I saw the thin white “moves” under the skin of Ancistrus, then I finally found what the problem was. NEMATODES (nematodas!) !! people, just worms) That's who's to blame!

Nematodes, the search for medicines!

I started looking for medicines, I found one original, but expensive JBL NedolPlus250, and as they say, not a fact that will help. She rummaged through the forums, found how someone treated her with dog anthelmintic tablets, but most of the drugs are Russian and we don’t get them, just Drontal (Drontal) found.

Nematodes, treatment!

Cat's Worms Drontal (there were simply no dogs, but it's probably better for dogs, there will be enough for a bigger one).
Split 1 / 6 (one tablet is designed for 4 kg, spread on 24л)
I dissolved another half a tablet in a glass and add frozen blood worms to it.
Approximately in an hour, not in large portions poured everything into the aquarium.
Until the morning they swam in a solution of 1,5 tablets at 24l, In the morning I dissolved half a tablet with frozen blood worms, an hour waited and again poured everything into the aquarium.
After about an hour, 80% -90% of water was drained and poured clean.
I didn’t notice any special changes, but the water stank of the morning is awful !!! And the somich (female) seems to have become easier, these light "moves" (which are visible in the photo) have become much thinner and less noticeable. The rest also continued to be emptied with clear mucus as before the treatment.
I left for a week (fish fed without me ), some fish were emptied as normal, others with long threads, but not mucus! Maybe with not a lot of it.

A week after the first time, she treated everyone again. And finally saved the aquarium from this disease.

After probably half a year more, I noticed mucus in one fish ... In order not to start the disease again, I decided to feed the fish with an anthelmintic drug for prevention, Helmentox 125 fell on my arm, cut the pill floor (this portion is designed for 5 kg of weight) added a couple of drops of water and mixed in this two thawed and finely chopped mussels. She insisted 2-3 hours and turned it all into an aquarium. Fish eaten with pleasure. A week later, repeated.

1) All the fish are alive and happy.

2) By the way, snails are also alive and into whom they did not fall.

3) Anti-helminth drugs do not affect plants.

Author's photos (can be enlarged)

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