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Aquarium Plants - What Are They For Aquarium For?

Plants in the aquarium.

Before buying and launching an aquarium for the first time, every beginner thinks about what plant choose, live or artificial, and whether plants are needed in the aquarium at all.

I will try to briefly answer this question and describe all the advantages of both living and artificial plants, as well as describe situations when it is necessary to use certain species. I must say right away that I am not a fan of complex and expensive solutions in the aquarium, in terms of plants, such as special soils and substrates, systems CO2, cunning fertilizers and super professional lighting. All the same, I consider the aquarium, first of all, as a house for fish. But even without real green plants, I can’t imagine an aquarium. But I love simple solutions, not difficult ways to achieve the desired result.

What are living plants in the aquarium for?

Live plants in the aquarium are primarily needed to create chemical or bio balance and balance in the aquarium. What is the chemical balance and what is it for? I wrote a separate post and read it on this link, or by clicking on the photo below. Just as the forests in nature are considered the lungs of the planet, so the living plants in an aquarium are like a mini laboratory or a sewage treatment plant in an aquarium. Not only that, using daylight, they, through photosynthesis, emit oxygen into the water necessary for the respiration of the fish, but they also help to process the waste that remains after the vital activity of the fish. Like in this photo.
This photo shows the chemical balance that occurs in the aquarium. Chemical balance can be seen on this picture.
Chemical balance.

Also, plants serve as an excellent shelter for both fry and adult fish. And some species are so dependent on plants that without them will be in constant stress and most likely will eventually fall ill and die. Some plant species, for example, Echinodorus (Echinodorus), serve as an excellent stimulant and a convenient platform for laying eggs in many fish species. Then, a leaf of echinodorus with caviar is very convenient to transfer to another aquarium for growing fry, as in the description for this link. And in many species, especially floating, live dust settles, which serves as an excellent starting food for many species of fry. Living plants are “higher creatures” in relation to algae. And if you have such a problem as the green walls of the aquarium or muddy water, then when planting plants and establishing bio-balance, the problem is likely to disappear. Aquarium plants simply take all the food themselves and algae will die of hunger.

The richness in the aquarium is visible in this image. riccia-aquarium plant can be seen in this image.
Hornwort in the aquarium is seen in this photo. Hornwort can be seen in this image.
Echinodorus can be seen in this image. Echinodorus in the aquarium is visible in this image.
Leaf with fish eggs can be seen on this picture. A leaf with caviar is depicted in this photo.

When live plants cannot be planted in an aquarium.

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Also bad neighbors with plants are many kinds of cichlids. And if the skaliarii or apistograms of ramirezi are indifferent to plants, the Malavian cichlids will certainly eat them or spoil them. Therefore, aquariums with them are often decorated with either grottoes and stones or artificial plants.

And one more case, when they follow to remove and not use living plants. This is during the treatment of fish. Many drugs are advertised as safe for plants. But, for example, after application eSHa2000, hornwort I showered completely.

Aquarium plants for the first run.

In my next article I picked up my list of plants with photos and descriptions that are ideal for beginners aquarium lovers.

RЎRѕR RґR ° · ° RІR R№S,Rμ SЃRІRѕR№ SѓRґRoRІRoS,RμR "SЊRЅS <R№ P · RμR" RμRЅS <R№ RјRoSЂ Sѓ SЃRμR ± SЏ RґRѕRјR ° F ± RμR · R "Roes € RЅRoS ... S,SЂSѓRґRЅRѕSЃS, ей Рё Р ± РѕР СЊС € РЁС… РґРµРЅРµР¶РЅС ‹С… РІР» ожений!
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Aquarium plants are simple solutions!

Plants in the aquarium- what are they for?
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