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Why Amazonium or How the Great Amazon River Affects Our Aquariums.

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Also, as some modern children think that milk is made in a factory, so many aquarium lovers, have no idea where this particular fish comes from. For example, it seems to us that guppies and swordtails were originally born in aquariums, and that this has always been the case. Although in fact the birthplace of these fish are the waters of South America. And the same continent gave us one of the greatest, and perhaps the most recognizable river in the world, the Amazon. And the Amazon itself has already greatly influenced and continues to influence our aquariums. We rarely think about it, but most of the most recognizable and popular brands of aquarium fish are from the Amazon River. Here are just the top of this list.

King of tropical aquariums - Diskus (Discus)

Graceful beauty- Angelfish (Scalare) (Scalare)

Quiet Corys (Corydoras)

Brilliant Neons (Neon Tetra)

Funny Tetra (Tetra)

Vivid Apistograms of Ramirezi (Ram cichlid)

Inexpensive Zebras (Pleco Zebra L046)

And, of course, the symbol of the Amazon River is a bloodthirsty piranha (Pirahna)

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But not only the fish is famous for the great river. In almost every aquarium, you can find a piece of the flora of the Amazon River. Thanks to her, such hits among plants appeared in aquariums as:

Echinodorus (Echinodorus)

Fanwort (Cabomba)

The watermilfoil (Myriophyllum)

Limbolium (Limbolium)

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And if you look at the entire area of ​​the Amazon River basin, it will become clear that the list of fish and plants can be continued indefinitely.

Geography of the Amazon River.

A map of the Amazon River can be seen in this picture! Map of river amazon can be seen on this picture!
Amazon river basin.

The Amazon River is located in this photo. Amazon river can bee seen on this picture. And although Amazon is officially ranked second in length after Nile, with its 6,690 kilometers, recent studies have shown that this is not entirely true. In 2001, Brazilian scientists measured the length from the most distant officially recognized source Nevado Mismi, and came to the conclusion that the length of the Amazon is 6 992 km. Most of the river is located in Brazil, but Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia also enter the river basin. The liner on the Amazon River can be seen in this photo. Ship on river Amazon can be seen on this picture.The area of ​​the basin is 7.2 million km2. The river carries such a huge amount of fresh water that for 30 seconds can provide a liter of every inhabitant of the planet. In the Amazon, one-fifth of all the fresh water on earth is concentrated. From shore to shore, the river reaches 80km., And at the mouth of the river with a width of 325 km. and the depth of 135 m. is one of the largest islands in the world-the island Marazio, the size of Switzerland. The river is navigable by 4300 km. into the interior of the continent, and ocean vessels can climb to 1690 km to the city Manaus.

The history of the river, or who the Amazons are

The photo shows an Amazon woman. Amazon woman can be seen on this picture.
The age of the river is 9 million years. And the first information about the fearless women who fought with the Spanish conquistadors belong to the 1539 year. The Spaniards were amazed by the irrepressible courage of the Indian women who fought with them in no way inferior in the strength and dexterity of men. It reminded them of the myth of the ancient Amazonian warriors. From here the Amazon River got its name.

Flora and fauna of the Amazon River: interesting facts

The flora and fauna of the river is so diverse and rich that many decades will be exploring and discovering new species. By the most conservative estimate, the forests and waters of the basin were investigated and described in just 30%. This is due to the inaccessibility and diversity of species. The palm trees alone are larger than 800 species. And if you look from the point of view of aquarism, then there is just a real paradise. Imagine soms alone in the river inhabiting more than 1500 species. From barely noticeable kids to real river monsters. And the total number of fish species is estimated by scientists to reach 4000 thousands. So there is enough food for imagination and creating biotopes of the river for many more years or centuries.

Interesting Facts:

Prior to our time, not a single bridge was built across a river that was almost 7000 kilometers long. And only in 2010, a bridge was built over one of the tributaries of the Rio Negru. Its length was 3 595 meters.
Site amazonium.net got its name in honor of the great river Amazon and the second half of the word aquarium.

Amazon River in the video:

Map of the river.

Why Amazonium or how the great Amazon River affects our aquariums.
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Why Amazonium or how the great Amazon River affects our aquariums.
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