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Incubator for Growing Artemia. (Do it yourself in 10 minutes!)

Fry of Danio-Rerio Glo in fist day of life can be seen in this image. Danio rereio on the first day of life are visible in this photo.
Fry of zebrafish.

This photo shows an industrial incubator for growing brine shrimp.In the life of every aquarist, over time, a joyful event occurs when fry appear in the light in your aquarium. And the most important thing in the first stages of life is to provide them with good nutrition.

And the ideal solution for this purpose is the newly hatched Nauplii Artemia (Artemia salina), one of the best fodders for the rapid growth of fry almost all types of aquarium fish.

And this live food can easily be grown at home.

What we need.

- Dry cysts (eggs) of Artemia (Artemia or brine shrimp eggs), which are sold at a pet store or on the Internet. (What to buy, where and how to save money, soon in my next article).

- Compressor for air supply.

- Sea salt.

- An incubator that can be bought, but not cheap. And you can make yourself, and almost free. We need an incubator for constant mixing and saturation of water with oxygen.

I will describe in detail the process of growing and feeding fry with Nauplii Artemia in a little bit later. Here I will tell only the technical part of the process. Specifically, to make an incubator for growing artemia at home, literally for a penny, from plastic bottles.

Incubator: species.

jbl arhemio set is depicted in this photo. Currently, you can find many models of incubators on the Internet, from industrial, branded and expensive (look at the price of photos), Chinese ones are cheaper (click on link), to the most simple and practically free.
An incubator for growing artemia is shown in this image.Everyone, whether it is an expensive or cheap incubator, has the same principle of work. Active mixing of salt water and saturation with oxygen.
The difference between expensive incubators and self-made ones is only in aesthetic form. So why overpay?

And here is my experience in manufacturing.

2 manufacturing method.

Easy way:

Making an incubator for growing brine shrimp in this photo.-Cut the top from the plastic bottle, we lower the hose there with the air diffuser. That"s all - the incubator is ready.

More advanced:

-Let's take 2 plastic bottles, cut off their bottom.

-In one of the plugs do a hole, you can use, heated with a lighter or gas stove, a nail.

- insert the adapter for the aquarium air hose with a piece of hose. (photo1)

- we put one bottle in another and in a circle we wind with a tape for stability.Homemade incubator for brine shrimp.

-Wear the air adjustment valve on the second end of the tube. (photo 2)

-The second bottom is used as a lid. The lid is inserted so that the bottom was at the bottom, otherwise the condensate along the walls will flow out.


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Incubator for brine shrimps!
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